Write for VTP

VTP is the top online English publication for all things Vietnam and relating to the Vietnamese diaspora community.  Founded in 2009 by a group of graduates from UC Berkeley and Harvard University, VTP has published over 400 articles and reaches 30,000+ readers each month.

With over a dozen contributing writers, VTP is truly a community journal.  We welcome new writers who can provide fresh and meaningful talking points to VTP.  We also invite article submissions that fit our objectives.

Want to become a regular contributing writer? Please answer the following questions (in less than 100 words) and send a writing sample to contactus@onevietnam.org.

  1. Why do you want to write for VTP? What impact do you hope to make?
  2. What topics or discussions will you add to VTP?

Want to submit an article for publication? Please send your article to anh.ton@onevietnam.org.  VTP follows strict publishing guidelines so not all articles received can be published.