Thanksgiving Special | Cast Member: Hai Le

11.23.09 – What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

It was a year filled with lost and gains for many, from material possessions to loved ones.  It was a year full of laughter and pains, but most of all, it was a year I’m thankful for being alive–alive with that one special person in my life.  With that person, everything seems right even when situations get the best of me.  There are times when I made this person cry, angry or even disappointed, yet this person continues to show support and love.

That one person, I thank you for remaining calm by my side in times of uncertainties.  Thank you for breathing life onto me, firing up my dreams and hopes, and grounding my services for the better of humankind.  I am stronger than what I can be because of that one person.

That one person, it might be the Lord, the parent, the change, the hope or the grace of being alive.  With this season wraps up the year, I pray that you, your family, and friends be blessed with that one special person and thank everyone for being in my life.

Hai Le
A Thanksgiving Special: OneVietnam Network Cast Line-up

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