Small and Inexpensive Condos Are Selling Fast

While large and luxury condos with over 100 square meters (about 1076 square feet) are having a hard time selling, sales of smaller and less expensive units have been gaining momentum in the real estate market recently. These small condos are typically in the suburban areas, away from the high concentration in large cities, but […]

Officials Jailed in an Adoption Scam

Sixteen health and charity officials in northern Nam Dinh province were tried for getting involved in an adoption scam. Six of them were sentenced to jail terms of two to five and a half years; the other ten were were on suspended sentences of fifteen to eighteen months. These officials were accused of receiving babies […]

Saigon Apartments $5,500 per month?

Saigon is a dynamic city with an unbelievably large population and traffic jams to … well, make you believe how many people are actually there. Just how one can be in traffic when so many are on tiny motorbikes is still hard for me to fathom. Despite that, the city has a lot to offer: food, entertainment, education, etc. But most of all it offers an environment brimming with energy. This is where the young people congregates, a place to see and be seen. Business and other opportunities seems abundant. Just spent a day to walk around Saigon and you will feel it.

So just how cheap is it to really live there? To satisfy this curiosity …

It’s Complicated: Challenges facing Vietnamese-Americans doing business in Vietnam

Living in California, I ran into countless people who were born in other countries. They came from all over the world (Asia, Europe, South America, etc) and now call the US home. These individuals have a diverse background, growing up with one foot in each culture. There are myriads of benefits in growing up multi-cultural. […]