Vietnam is the 2nd Happiest Country in the World?

Are you more likely to be happy living in Vietnam than in Switzerland, Norway, the U.S. and even Bhutan (the only country to measure “gross national happiness“)? That’s what the results of this year’s Happy Planet Index (HPI) suggest. Designed by the New Economics Foundation (motto: “economics as if people and the planet mattered”), the […]

OneVietnam Co-Founders Honored With Young Innovator Awards by Migration Policy Institute

Congratulations to our mother ship’s co-founders James Bao and Uyen Nguyen for winning the Migration Policy Institute’s Young Innovators Awards! At MPI’s 10th anniversary, James and Uyen were honored alongside Alan K. Simpson, a former US senator, and Ron Mazzoli, a former member of the US house of representatives for their work in public policy; […]