Graduate Schools: Getting into Law School

Doctor, lawyer, engineer–the three dream jobs every Vietnamese parent has for their children. Today, I’m going to talk about lawyers, and specifically the long path towards law school that begins right about now for many students across the nation. The great thing about law school is that it doesn’t require any specialized undergraduate degree. Sure, there’s a ton […]

Ivy Walls: America’s Best Colleges

If you’re Asian, more often than not, you’ve probably heard the phrases, “Don’t end up working in a nail salon!, “Get into college!” “Be a doctor!” or something to that effect. College is on the minds of many students and worried parents. From the time a child speaks his first words to the age of […]

Students in Ho Chi Minh City Are Weak in Soft Skills

A Survey of 234 recruiters and 3,364 graduates from 20 universities, published in the research “Solutions for Enhancing Higher Education Quality” by Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy, uncovered that both graduates and recruiters shared a common view: 50% of graduates have to be retrained. The main reason is professional skills do not meet the standards of recruiters.

10 Do’s and Dont’s in Tet

For many of us younger Vietnamese, Tet always had been something very important to our families, to our culture and to our people.� However, we often don’t understand certain things that the older folks in the family usually say and do during these 3 important days of the Lunar New Year.� Just like many of […]

Uneven Progress of Education in Vietnam

Although enrollment is at 98% and completion at 102% in primary education, enrollment drops to 80% in intermediate education and to a staggering 47% in secondary education. Only 5.2% of those enrolled in secondary education eventually continue to vocational and technical education.

New Science & Technology University

01.06.10 An agreement signed  earlier this month has set a new Science and Technology University to open this coming September near Hanoi.  Nguyen Thien Nanh, Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education and Training, and Valérie Pécresse, France’s Minister for Higher Education and Research, met June last year to discuss the project details.  French-Vietnam […]

Volunteer in Vietnam: Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach (M.E.M.O.)

11.30.09 –by Guest Blogger: Steven V. Pham, a 2nd year biochemistry major and premed at UCLA, is the President/Founder of the MEMO UCLA branch, part of a larger MEMO group. I was born in America and had never visited the home of my parents. To the Vietnamese community, I was “Viet Kieu,” a Vietnamese expatriate, […]

Current lack of jobs for Vietnamese graduates

11.02.09 – In the current economic downturn, many Vietnamese face unemployment problems, among them are the recent college graduates. Many recent graduates fail to find jobs that fit their college trainings and must accept any job available to them including delivering, receptionist, or tutoring while waiting for other opportunities to come. Students in the social […]