Spa Package in Vietnam with Fish Massage

11.01.09 – So you may have seen OneVietnam’s new rocking video featuring one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Nha Trang. As one of VN’s top vacation spots, Nha Trang offers incredible beach resorts with amenities and entertainment second to none. But Nha Trang only represents a small glimpse of the richness […]

I Love Yous are for White People

“I Love Yous are for White People” is a memoir by Lac Su, who escaped from Vietnam as a young child with his family. The story is not focused on their escape but rather on his struggles growing up with poverty, gangs, abuse, and a harsh and head strong father.

This is a unique story, yet at the same time, relatable with any first and second generation Asian American reader.

Building A Golf Paradise in Vietnam

Golf is often dubbed as the sport of the rich and privileged.  That’s why a recent New York Times article took me by surprise, stating that there is a “proliferation” of golf courses in Vietnam.  Apparently Vietnam is to construct over 140 golf courses across the country.   This number closely approaches the almost 200 […]