Asian Tiger or Copy Cat: Why Unlocking Innovation in Vietnam Requires Lawyers, Not Schools

Vietnam needs more intelectual property lawyers and a strong enforcement system. It’s the only way to rocket Vietnam from a third-world manufacturer to a global competitor like South Korea. Yes, it’s even a higher priority than new schools.

What is the Most Effective Way to Approach Online Search?

Having assessed the pertinent evaluation criteria for free contents on the web, the next step is to figure out the right steps to approach searching for content.  There are numerous ways to start searching for relevant web content; an Harvard Business School article outlines a few effective approaches to consider (Source: Jan Rivkin & Ann […]

Complete guide to using your iPhone and Droid in Vietnam [Techie in Vietnam]

It’s a warm Saturday afternoon in Saigon. I’m roaming the street, unusually confident in this maze of a city. How? I’m rocking Google Maps using Viettel’s 3G network on my iPhone 4. You can, too. Here’s the complete guide to using your smartphone on the next trip back to the motherland.

Medical Vietnamese on YouTube!

The necessity of a Medical Vietnamese Class to teach second generation Vietnamese youths is more prominent than ever. As the 1.5 and 2nd generation grow up in America, the Vietnamese language is slowly being diluted. However, the number of immigrants coming from Vietnam is still rising. Additionally, as the older generation age, they require physicians […]

Guide to Using your iPad 3G or iPhone 4 in Vietnam [Techie in Vietnam]

I’ve found that it’s a perfect travel companion. Light to carry, battery that lasts an entire day, and with 3G, you’re always connected. A while ago, I asked “Will my smartphone stay smart in Vietnam?” Naturally, I asked myself, “can I use my iPad in Vietnam?” The answer, in short, is yes, with a little bit of work.

Tech in Vietnam: Death of Facebook & Twitter clones forces 4 worthwhile innovations

2007 and 2008 were the years of Facebook clones, 2009 was the year of Twitter clones and 2010 is going to be the fail of both in Vietnam. However, the doom of Facebook and Twitter clones is not a bad thing. In fact, it has helped our Internet startups get real and forced them to work on more practical ideas.

Birth of Renewable Energy in Vietnam

Renewable energy as an alternative to high-carbon energy is desirable for environmental sustainability, as it reduces reliance on imported energy. However, for developing countries, the technologies that produce renewable energy come at prohibitively high prices, both financially and technically.  A recent report published by the World Bank states that governments must balance the objectives that influence […]

A Bullet Across Vietnam

Will Vietnam have its first bullet train? You may recall our very informative yet slightly comical article last week outlining the various modes of transportation in Vietnam.  Bikes, mopeds, cyclos, buses, and even cow carts may be effective locally; however, there must be more time-saving and cost-effective modes of transportation across the country. Though it […]

Sneak Preview: First Glimpses of OneVietnam Network Design

What we have so far is pretty exciting so I had to come out to give our readers the first glimpses of OneVietnam Network. OneVietnam Network will connect with all your social media networks, so there’s no need to manage multiple accounts! In fact, if you have a Facebook account, you can log right in OVN.