Vietnamese Are Not Innovative

Folks in Vietnam are very entrepreneurial. Anyone who visits the country can testify to this fact as they see the cities being filled with street vendors and small shops. Except the very studious students whom dream to be hired by various foreign companies, almost every family has their own business. Please note that “owning a […]

“Street Food” Straight Up!

Imagine this: [It’s summer and you just took the first flight out to Vietnam, and now here you are in (Name your City), Vietnam. It’s early morning and the city streets are already filled with traffic, swarms of mopeds, people, and cars. Up and down the busy sidelines small vendors begin to set up their […]

World Cup in Vietnam: Bão! (Storm the streets!)

World Cup is ON! Everyone is waiting, staying up all night, screaming, crying, laughing, and hugging in Vietnam for time like this! Before the game: People in Vietnam don’t buy TV very often; we usually change our TV once every 4 years (at least my house did). And guess what?  The 4 years cycle of […]

Commemorating 1,000 Years of the Founding of Hanoi

Note: This article has been updated based on an earlier article that contained inaccurate information about the history of Vietnam. We appreciate our readers for identifying the errors and referring us to accurate sources. The year 2010 marks the 1,000th anniversary since the founding of Hanoi, and in less than five months, the city will […]

What’s the Big Deal with Vietnamese Traditions?

As 1.5 and second generation Vietnamese Americans,  how do you decide which Vietnamese traditions and customs to follow and how long can you keep them up?  “Ly Xi,” for example, is one of those customs that will remain around for a long time because it’s fun, easy, and well-known.  Even my third grade teacher, Mrs. […]

A Village Called Versailles

In a New Orleans neighborhood called Versailles, a tight-knit group of Vietnamese Americans overcame obstacles to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, only to have their homes threatened by a new government-imposed toxic landfill.  The film A VILLAGE CALLED VERSAILLES is the empowering story of how the Versailles people, who have already suffered so much in their […]

Vietnam’s Ancient Art Comes to Manhattan

A twenty year project has finally come alive! Nancy Tingley, art historian and curator of the Asia Society Museum, has been working since 1988 to create the first major US exhibition of Vietnamese ancient art. The exhibit, called Arts of Ancient Viet Nam, premiered at the Asia Society Museum in New York this past Tuesday. The New York Times today declared the show definitely worth seeing.