The Ultimate Vietnam Road Trip: The Thousand-Mile Road

Vietnam’s National Highway 1A (NH1A) is one of the main arteries of transport in Vietnam. It is the longest highway in the country, stretching along the coastline from Huu Nghi Quan Border Gate (near the Sino-Vietnamese border) in the north to Nam Can in Ngoc Hien District of Ca Mau Province in the south.

Vietnamese Are Not Innovative

Folks in Vietnam are very entrepreneurial. Anyone who visits the country can testify to this fact as they see the cities being filled with street vendors and small shops. Except the very studious students whom dream to be hired by various foreign companies, almost every family has their own business. Please note that “owning a […]

Long Waits Could Hurt Economy

Without official ownership of a property, the informal owners cannot take an equity loan to start their own businesses. This is similar to the case in Vietnam. Most citizens buy their homes with complete cash payment. And if they want to start a business, they need to have the extra cash to purchase all equipments and rentals. All of their assets are not productive because they don’t officially own the property. Imagine all the lost business opportunities that could boost everyone’s earnings and living standards. This is clearly a large loss for Vietnam.

Hanoi Under Water: Understanding Flood Problem in Vietnam

For those of you who do not live in Vietnam at the moment, a heavy rain fell on Hanoi since yesterday 7/13/10 at 8am lasted for 3 hours and left the 1000-years-old city submerged in 0.5 meter of water. Many businesses are on hold, all your favorite street restaurants are taking losses, people postpone their […]

The Cost of Traffic Accidents in Vietnam

Natural disasters happen everywhere unpredictably; there is not much that we can do about it yet. However, deaths caused by preventable accidents are among the most disheartening to me. In Vietnam, preventable accidents are the cause of more than 10,000 deaths every year. This number is unnecessarily high and has caused more than just pain and grieves for […]

Doing Business in Vietnam Series: 1. Taxes

Vietnam has been on a high real GDP growth rate (which is adjusted for inflation) since it started the economic renovation phase. In fact, its growth rate once ranked 2nd in the world with 8% annual GDP growth rate in the 90’s and 7.5% in the 2000’s up to right before the current global financial […]

Shifting Eastward as CIVETS Join Rank of BRIC

Ten years ago, the term BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) was used to refer to emerging markets with high growth potential. Recently, seven more countries, Vietnam among them, have been included in the rank of these emerging markets, and the group has been designated as CIVETS (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa). […]

Birth of Renewable Energy in Vietnam

Renewable energy as an alternative to high-carbon energy is desirable for environmental sustainability, as it reduces reliance on imported energy. However, for developing countries, the technologies that produce renewable energy come at prohibitively high prices, both financially and technically.  A recent report published by the World Bank states that governments must balance the objectives that influence […]

LIN Series: Empowering Vietnamese Women Through Culinary Arts

This article was written by Guest Blogger Dana R.H. Doan of the LIN Center for Community Development (LIN).  LIN is a new resource for local not-for-profit groups, individuals and corporate philanthropists based in and around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  This article marks the first of a series of publications from LIN on Vietnam Talking […]