LIN Series: Empowering Vietnamese Women Through Culinary Arts

This article was written by Guest Blogger Dana R.H. Doan of the LIN Center for Community Development (LIN).  LIN is a new resource for local not-for-profit groups, individuals and corporate philanthropists based in and around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  This article marks the first of a series of publications from LIN on Vietnam Talking […]

100+ Bridges Connecting The Hearts

More than 100 bridges have been built by a group of Viet Kieu (Vietnamese people living oversea) to serve the poor people living in rural areas of Vietnam.  Since 2004, this group has been consistently planning and funding the building of bridges for many villages and regions. While many of us are working to our […]

How Would You Spend $10 Billion in Vietnam?

This year, Bill Gates committed ten billion dollars to help develop and distribute vaccines in developing nations. Mr. Gates believe that better health can be a catalyst for more wide-ranging improvements in the world’s poorest countries. In this article, we ask: what would you spend $10 billion on?