Questionable Vietnamese Masculinity in Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam

Luke Nguyen represents an image of masculinity that refuses to fit within the mold of standard archetypes of Western manhood. He constantly performs a mediated form of masculinity, fluctuating between exaggerated extremes with a kind of self-aware humor that both reveals and mocks the hidden precepts of what it means to be “a man.”

Bourdain Loves Vietnam, OneVietnam Loves Him Too

Anthony Bourdain returns to “his favorite place on Earth,” Vietnam, on the upcoming No Reservation episode on Monday, March 29. During his last visit, he seriously considered moving to Vietnam. This time, Anthony Bourdain is taking his show to Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Not Enough Rice Export Deals for Vietnam

While it is still uncertain whether potential customers will buy its rice, Vietnam has to compete with  the two new rivals. Vietnam rice export is in difficult situation  with rice exporters gaining few commercial export deals. Vietnam Food Association (VFA)  is concerned that if this situation continues, it is not only rice exports that will […]

Bourdain Loves Vietnam, Wants to Move In

The Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain revisited Vietnam yet again on the last episode of No Reservations.  Bourdain fell in love with Vietnam the first time he visited it and likens his feelings to “when you meet the love of your life for the first time.” Bourdain’s book, A Cook’s Tour, is often called his love […]