The Conscientious Traveler: Enjoy Southeast Asia While Doing Your Part to End Child Abuse

Because the world is not yet ending and the ultimate moral judgment is not yet upon us, humankind now has some latitude for leisure. Let the summer vacation planning commence. If you’re heading to Southeast Asia, try traveling the ChildSafe way.

LIN Series: Empowering Vietnamese Women Through Culinary Arts

This article was written by Guest Blogger Dana R.H. Doan of the LIN Center for Community Development (LIN).  LIN is a new resource for local not-for-profit groups, individuals and corporate philanthropists based in and around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  This article marks the first of a series of publications from LIN on Vietnam Talking […]

The Horrors of Human Trafficking

11.23.09 – Finally home in Lang Son, Vietnam and given a chance to start her own family, Nguyen Thi Phuong is exulting with joy while holding her first child.  Phuong was a victim of human trafficking to China, where she was kept captive for over two years.  Lured to the China and Vietnam border, Phuong […]