Vietnamese Are Not Innovative

Folks in Vietnam are very entrepreneurial. Anyone who visits the country can testify to this fact as they see the cities being filled with street vendors and small shops. Except the very studious students whom dream to be hired by various foreign companies, almost every family has their own business. Please note that “owning a […]

Partnership for Progress – Education Reform That Makes Sense

Yesterday’s post on the growing number of Vietnamese students enrolled in American universities was both promising and inspiring.  This is the right direction for Vietnam as it tries to modernize its economy and infrastructure.  The burning question here is whether these figures correlate with the student’s level of preparedness for the global market.  It may […]

Twitter Used to Raise Money for Schools in Vietnam

Tim Ferriss, a NY Times best selling author, is using Twitter to raise money for public schools in the U.S. and Vietnam.  Follow Tim on Twitter ( and he and an benefactor will donate $3 to  This concept has been used before and has raised $250,000 to fund literacy throughout the world. For more […]