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A Clash of Epic Proportions

From The Rebel to Passport to Love, Vietnamese movies are becoming more hip, suave, and sexy than ever before. These new movies are raising the bar for Vietnamese cinematography as well as record-setting revenue.

Clash, or “Bay Rong,” the latest Vietnamese action-romance motion picture starring Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van, opened on December 18, 2009, pitting it against Hollywood megablockbuster “Avatar”.  There were doubts that Clash would, well, clash against “Avatar”. But after just three weeks, Clash has racked in 11.5 billion dong, setting a new record for the Vietnamese movie industry.

After viewing the trailer, Clash reminded me of a cool mix between Mr. and Mrs. Smith and movies about Hong Kong triads (Young and Dangerous series). Check out the trailer below and comment!  Also, what cool Vietnamese movies have you seen lately? Please share!

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