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Asian Girls + White Boys: The Answer to this Equation

Asian girls dating White boys seem to be the new trend. Is just a trend or is it a shift in preferences? Are there other underlying reasons behind this coupling? Is there even a definitive answer?

Asian Fusion has become extremely popular lately, and I’m not talking about food or clothes. The latest trendy hybridity seems to be interracial couples.

Lucy Liu with her White Boyfriends

My Asian guy friends are always asking, “Why are Asian girls always dating white guys?” Some account this type of coupling to a bad case of yellow fever (the Asian fetish kind, not the viral disease). Others say girls go for status and something new. Will we ever agree that it could be, you know, love? One of our guest bloggers, Steve Jackson, definitely agrees with that notion. However, discussions on the answer to the Asian Girl + White Boy Equation seem to head in multiple directions.

A Google search of “Asian girl White guy” brought up a few possible answers.

Let’s say that you have your choice of two guys.  The first guy is average-looking, of average intelligence, and has an average career.  The second guy is good-looking, smart, and has a good career.  Which one are you going to choose?  If the only difference is that Guy #1 is Asian and Guy #2 is white, my guess is you’re choosing Guy#2.  That’s not racism, that’s smart market segmentation. -Blogger Chris Yeh

Living in the United States has probably clouded my judgment a little bit. When you see models in the press or media they are always toned, large, tall – all attributes that Asian guys tend not to have. I think it might have to do with just the way us Asian American girls were brought up. Our concept of beauty makes us think that Westerners just have that beauty that guys of our race don’t have. -Amped Asia Blogger Rochelle Nguyen

For a number of reasons, Asian men have lost the confidence to approach the particular Asian woman they want to date, which is often an attractive, very well put together individual. Any woman they perceive as even remotely possibly maybe out of their league (i.e., any attractive, very well put together Asian woman), they will simply walk the other way and admire from afar… Meanwhile, they get a lot of attention from White men and since the litter they pick from consists almost exclusively of White men, they end up dating White men. -8Asians Blogger akrypti

95% of white males have at one point in their lives, experienced yellow fever. Many factors have contributed to this phenomenon such as guilt from head taxes, internment camps, dropping the Nuclear bomb and the Viet Nam War.Stuff White People Like

So let’s synthesize: Smart economics, the media, yellow fever, Asian shyness and White aggression are all at the root of the Asian Girl + White Boy equation. All of these make sense, but my mind and gut are saying there has to be more. What’s your view point on this “phenomenon”?

Here’s what a few others had to say about this coupling.

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  1. As an Asian-American male, I spent alot of my single years (married now to an Asian woman from Asia) angry, frustrated, and unhealthily obsessed with this topic. I even observed this phenomenon in Asia, with White expats ‘living the life’. I pissed off alot of friends and scared away potential girlfriends with my attitude. I still believe that many Asian and Asian-American women have an inherent bias against Asian and Asian-American men, for many of the reasons you mention. However, I think that the tide is turning. Instead of whining about it, many Asian men are exerting their confidence with both Asian and non-Asian women. There is growing evidence that mainstream American media representations of Asian men are becoming much more balanced and realistic. Any most importantly, many young people are growing up unaware of racial distinctions, yet appreciative of cultural diversity—‘content of character, not the color of their skin’, as Dr. King so famously put it. As proud uncle of many ‘hapa haole’ children and the father of my own, I’ve come to realize that it being angry about ‘White male + Asian female’ is no longer worth it any more. Love and let love.

    1. Well i’m pueblo/cherokee indian/puerto rican/ black/ white and i love asian women but most of them go out with white guys and i think that’s wrong because all the other races of guys that like asian girls can’t get them because they perfer white guys and its a sad thing.

    2. Well said TND my friend. Being jealous and angry doesn’t change anything. Instead of whining it’s not fair I can’t get laid, and looking for somebody to blame for it, guys who lack confidence would do well to do something about that and develop a healthy self confidence. We all know Self Confidence is very attractive to Females

    3. Why are you guys complaining, whining and sulking about Female biases and choices, it changes nothing? From a Guy’s point of view, what a Females wants or prefers is an uncontrollable. You don’t achieve anything by focussing on what you can’t control, except make yourself miserable. Focus on what you CAN control, and that’s yourself, your life, and what you want. Build your self confidence and go after what you want. You don’t achieve anything by doing nothing, sit back and watch other people take what you want, and then say it’s not fair. You want that attractive Asian Female, go chase her, and show her you’re worth it to be with you. Because if you don’t………………..a Guy like me will

  2. I’ve been with my “white guy” for nearly 4 years… and it’s not because he’s white. The only Vietnamese, or any Asian for that matter, people I’ve been around are my own family, but once in awhile, I do meet other Vietnamese people who ask me what my parents think about me dating a white guy– and they’re shocked to hear that my parents don’t care– and he’s not the first white guy to integrate my family. I always tell these people it takes a bit more than race to make a relationship work.. we haven’t been together for so long because he’s white and I’m Asian. He didn’t go after an Asian girl, and I didn’t go after a white guy.. he fell for a girl who just HAPPENS to be Asian.. and I fell for a guy who just HAPPENS to be white. It’s not a determining factor– simply a genetic quality that has nothing to do with anything else.

    1. Well said Kimberly. The issue here is confidence in alot of Asian guys. Much like alot of angry, pissed off White guys in White countries rejected by White Females, because they lack confidence and nice guysd finish last. How often do you hear these ‘Nice guys’ whine:”it’s not fair, bitches don’t give us good guys a chance”? Apparently nice guys call Females bitches. Eventually they turn their attention to Asian Females, on the jusitification that they’re more respectful, not as stuck up, not as bitchy, any one of a million excuses they use. It seems alot of Asian Males resent Asian Females for dating White Males, and they want an excuse for it. The Asian variant of the bitter rejected Nice Guy. But like all rejected Nice Guys, whether they be Asian, White whoever, those reasons are anything and anybody but them. Asian Females don’t want me because I’m Asian and they want White guys, it’s not fair I miss out, blah blah blah. The finger of blame is pointed at everything and everyone else but them. If a guy lacks confidence, it’s HIS responsibility to fix it. If a Guy is turned down over and over again by Females, regardlesss of his skin color, the fault lies clearly with him. That many Females can’t be wrong. The common denominator in that many Females turning a guy down, is him. And yep, I’m A White Australian Guy with Asian Girlfriend. I’m 41, and we’ve dated since we were 13

      1. Yes OF COURSE its only the guy because the world is just and there’s NO racism in the world. Go figures it had to come from the white guy. You’re not entirely wrong — asian guys should learn to have some more self confidence, but I guess all that violence against/stereotypes in the media/bullying is because of the person and his self confidence too?

        1. Tee Kei my friend, if a guy lacks confidence, it’s HIS responsibility to do something about it, instead of sitting on his ass, whining Females don’t like him, for whatever reason…….that’s what Men do. Take charge of their lives, make changes and fix what’s lacking. Your life is your own, it is what you make of it mate. If you don’t make changes, nothing ever changes. The fact i happen to be White is irrelevant and neither here nor there. Like I said, if that many Females turn a guy down repeatedly, he’s doing something wrong, that many Females can’t get it wrong

          1. Looking for somebody or something to blame when something is wrong, is a road to nowhere Bro, it solves nothing. The only person who can change your own life, is you, it’s that simple. If you were a Female and you had a choice in dating guys with confidence issues who blame others for their problems, or a confident Guy that takes charge of his own life and makes things happen…………who would you choose?

          2. I know plenty of White Females who date Black guys only, and that’s their preference. It’s no skin off my nose, I couldn’t care less. Their choices are just that, THEIRS, I don’t sulk and whine about it and cry:”It ain’t fair, she only wants a black guy, and won’t choose me cos I’m White”. Seriously bro, who the hell cares already. If one girl don’t want you, it’s no biggie, move on and find a Girl who does appreciate you, and stop making excuses and looking for somebody to blame over it…….you might be a whole lot happier

  3. Anyone read the article “The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women” in Marie Claire magazine? (Google it). The article, much like this topic, touches on this “Yellow Fever” as if it’s some new trend, but neither of these articles dare to go in-depth of the real influential reasons why Asian women are more likely hook up with white males than white women to Asian males.

    Probably the most influential reason: Western cultural imperialism. Western media has penetrated all corners of the world, and I say “imperialism” because that is exactly what the West has done. For instance, what is “beauty?” A prime example of Western imperialism is witnessed through world beauty pageants. If you ignore the issue of skin tone, almost all of the contestants possess the typical Euro-centric facial characteristics: large/round eyes, narrow nostrils, high nose bridge, straight/wavy hair, oval-shaped faces, etc. In short, they’re all cookie-cutter versions of Barbie.

    Before you doubt this, take a good hard look and you’ll see that many of us have been psychologically conditioned to agree that the Euro-centric look IS “beautiful.” Brown eyes and black hair is viewed as “boring,” which is why you see a lot of Asians dye their hair blonde or brown, even wear colored contact lenses, because it makes them FEEL different simply because they LOOK different. In actuality, you still look Asian trying to be white (but we still love ya, sista)!

    Still not convinced? Then why do you think a lot of the Asian drama actors have round eyes, narrow noses (or had cosmetic surgery to appear “less” Asian)? Any Naruto fans out there? Do you honestly believe Naruto would be such a cross-international hit if Naruto didn’t possess blue eyes and blond hair? Remember the 2008 movie, “21,” (based on a true story) about 6 MIT students forming a Black Jack team to rake in millions from Las Vegas? The real-life MIT students were mostly Asian, but as usual, Hollywood thought it would be more profitable to replace the lead actor and most of the cast with white actors ( This just goes to prove that Western media (and perhaps most non-Asian Westerners) are simply NOT ready to embrace or ACCEPT Asians as equals no matter how “true” the story is.

    Asians have been a part of American history for centuries, but it’s 2011, and we’re still not accepted in mainstream media. Asian woman, if seen, are usually portrayed in the context of sexual desire. Asian males are still uni-dimensional martial artists, geeks, or fobs. When we Asians watch a show like Friends, do any of us say, “Hey, that was a funny WHITE show?” No. But try pitching a Friends-like sitcom with an all-Asian cast and you can be sure that it will never air (or be successful) because most Americans simply can’t wrap their heads around such an idea or feel that they can relate simply because the characters don’t look like them.

    Now before you start with, “Then what about Jabawokeez or the Far-East Movement!?!” as PROUD and EXCITED as I am to see them break into mainstream media, the racial barriers are still pretty obvious. Am I the only one who questions if Jabawokeez would be just as widely accepted if they weren’t “faceless?” If Las Vegas tourists saw a billboard showing a group of Asian faces and feel compelled to line up and watch “a bunch of Asians dancing?”

    They say “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” so then why are the Far-East Movement always wearing sunglasses in all of their videos and promos? Before you tell me it’s their “signature,” I am more inclined to believe that their manager, producer, or their PR’s probably convinced them it was a good idea. Probably because with the glasses off, they would be “too Asian” for TV. I’ve watched FM’s Rocketeer video many times. Good song, but notice that they’ll do close up head-shots on Ryan Tedder, but for the rest of the FM crew, it’s all half body shots or farther. Don’t get me started on the skateboarder (lead actor) who is racially ambiguous. Asian skateboarders don’t exist or something? pffft.

    Ladies, think about all of your favorite TV shows that you watch, movie stars who you fantasize about, people on the cover of your favorite magazines, hot sexy models on billboards plastered all around your city. Any of them involve Asian males by any chance? Of course not.

    Think about it. If one grows up in an environment where all forms of media glamorizes and glorifies a particular race, don’t you think that would lead some, if not many, to be more inclined to be attracted to that race? As Asians, we’re hardly viewed in any positive light, which is just as bad as not being seen at all, and that’s is the psychological war that faces us today!

    This kind of psychological brainwashing is dangerous because it’s so subtle, most of us fall into this brain-washing and don’t even notice it. We have claim that we have our preferences, but yet we can’t put our finger on why, and simply assume that it’s just “happens” to be like that.

    Secondly, it’s the taboo issue of moving up in class. Some argue that women have the internal survival instincts to choose the “best” mate in order to preserve or move up the social ladder. If that’s the case, then in the Western world, where white males have the highest salary compared to all other races (plus their cross-generation inheritances), it’s no secret why Asian women easily gravitate towards a while males who can provide more “security.”

    For most Asians, like the Vietnamese, our families are recent immigrants from poorer countries and have struggled blood, sweat, and tears to provide a better life for their children. In the US, our families didn’t have the luxury of having wealth handed down from generation to generation. This also includes the luxury of Western recreations like: skiing, scuba diving, mountain biking, para-sailing, etc. If you hear an Asian girl say that they like “experiencing new things,” this is usually what they are referring to.

    Let’s talk about size. Sure, Asian guys are generally smaller, but that has to do a lot with the Eastern dietary habits of previous generations. And since we’re on the topic of physical looks, let’s be real about why a lot of Asian women appeal to white men. It’s because most Asian women fit the ideals definition of what a woman should look like: petite, thin, and elegantly slender. Thanks to good genes and or great metabolism, a lot of Asian also women maintain their youthful slender figures well through their 30’s compared to white women (and white men know this). Don’t believe me? Just stroll through Facebook and do a quick scan of all your Asian classmates and non-Asians in their 30’s and you tell me who appear to be in better shape?

    Now, don’t get me wrong, people aren’t fat simply because of their race. Like I said, nutrition and dietary habits are the primary role here, and American processed foods are the worst! Just like how Asian males are growing up bigger and taller in the US, on the same coin, Asian women are getting bigger and heavier too! For a country that spends the most on health-care, 3/4 of the population are considered overweight (but that’s a different topic for another time).

    As for girls accusing Asian males being “feminine,” that’s a derivative of homophobia, and in the Western culture that is predominately based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, people are very quick to judge what roles men and women should play. In many Eastern cultures though, Asians are usually not as homophobic or spend much time defining what is masculine and feminine. Nor do they get so upset to the point that they need to kill someone for being “too feminine.” There are many masculine Asian males out there, but for one reason or another, it’s only the feminine ones that stand out more because it’s a bigger issue here in Western society.

    Some girls say Asian guys are too “shy” and “don’t ask girls out.” That’s bullshit. Maybe some aren’t as arrogant or cocky in how they approach women, but that’s just called respect. But you know what, Asian males would be just as cocky and arrogant in approaching you ladies too if we didn’t have so many negative stereotypes associated to us and then reinforced through Western media twice over. Watching the video above, I really don’t believe that’s how most Asian women think. It’s unfortunate that the videographer happened to capture the ones who have succumbed to what I call Western media’s white-washing.

    Before you reply with anger, let me say that this does NOT apply to ALL Asian women, ok? I’m mainly focusing on the ones who fall under the title of this editorial.

    If you’ve read this far, thank you for taking the time hear what I have to say. A little about me: My parents immigrated to the US from Vietnam back in the mid 70’s. I was born and raised in the US, so I guess I know a little bit about what I’m talking about. 😉

    1. Wow, it’s like you read my thoughts! I had countless conversations with friends about these topics, and I’ve come to similar conclusions, more so or less.

      How society is shaped all comes “Guns, Germs, and Steel” and who had them throughout history…and it was the white men! Basically, whichever ethnic/race is considered the “superior” will psychologically be deemed as attractive.

      Only when people consider a person/or specific ethnic/race as “good,
      superior or equal,” than can they will find that race/ethnic attractive.
      It is also influenced by who the majority is.

      For example, it happen that in the medical field, it’s predominantly asian or approaching it. I have a hispanic male friend who started liking and
      being attractive to asian girls because that’s all he’s surrounded by.
      Likewise with hispanics (or another race) girls finding asian guys attractive.
      For example, I have a hispanic friend who watches korean dramas more
      than I would, read mangas growing up, watched dragon b z back in the
      days, and is absolutely attracted to asian guys!

      And yes, you’re right. I had both black, white, and hispanic guys
      straight out bluntly tell me that the reason they date asian girls is
      because we stay young, thin, and attractive! 🙂 Because in this society, thin is consider beauty…thus asian girls fit that mold.

      Asian guys will too find their mold, whether that is intelligence, technical skills, art, or dance! For example, plenty of non-asian people find dancers hot, regardless or race.

      Women are biologically and psychologically tuned to like whoever the alpha male is!

      Great read, by the way.,_Germs,_and_Steel

      p.s. there’s also the “superiority” judgments between the various asian ethnics with each other. but that’s a whole different topic.

      1. Come On , Asian female porn quite prevalent in western cultures , I highly doubt your Hispanic male friend is merely so happen like them because of medical field . Also your logic based off whether Asian men is seen as equals in media as say Hispanic men . Aside for
        Being asexualize by media , Asian men get short end of stick in admissions process into health field . Of course am sure your Hispanic friend was repicent of being a minority , no doubt

        1. Asexualised by the media? Maybe you should grow a set and stop listening to the Media and their ideas of what you should be, develop some backbone and formulate your own ideas of what you should be. A wise Man once said:”Other people’s opinions of me, are no concern of mine”. You are what you think you are, and what you believe yourself to be……….and YOU choose and determine that

      2. Plus , women of established economies are resources hogs and born consumers ,which means they are agents of money. They worship or idolize whomever or whatever society has money

      3. Bingo Krysti, Females are disproportionately attracted to self confident Alpha Males. Some White Guys complain about White girls with Black Guys, Asian Guys often complain about Asian Girls with White males, those guys almost ALWAYS lack self confidence, and they want somebody to blame for it. Asian guys just have a neat excuse called the race card. If White Guys complain about White Girls with say Black Guys, they get criticised as racist……….what’s the difference?

        1. If an Asian Guy feels inferior, that’s a sad state of affairs, but he chooses to live like that and accept feeling that way. Only he can change that, that’s the bottom line, a person’s life can never change until they choose to change and do it

    2.  Well said Leo L.  I am a Black male and I have spoken with countless Asian females over the past 15 or so years about this topic and about their fascination with all things white and the reluctance to embrace their own guys.  It always amazed me that these females almost universally fantasized about / desired / identified with anyone white while almost totally rejecting anyone Asian. I had never before witnessed such skewed behavior in any other race of people I had met.

      So I started talking with, and even interviewing, every Asian females I came across. Over 15 years and 300+ females later I am astonished to report that not one single female has expressed a different viewpoint of preference. One Filipino young lady was so anti Asian male that it disturbed me and so I countered her argument by using her own infant son as an example.  I told her that, by her own opinion, she was saying that her own son wasn’t worthy to date Asian women and that no Asian woman should ever want him?  She was speechless for a moment and then said “well I don’t mean my son.”  Hahaha. It was truly amazing.

      My conclusion to the whole matter was that, while a variety of factors played into the complex social situation, that it primarily involved a combination of economics and brainwashing by the mainstream (white) media as to what is beautiful and desirable.  White Western culture, being the majority, has always held itself up as the ideal. And since they had the money and controlled the media, which influences all opinion through everything from magazines to movies to even news, it is simply a matter of mass acculturation of their ideals as what’s desirable.  Thus you have all these females believing in the negative stereotyping of their own features – dark eyes, dark hair, browner skin – and the positive stereotyping of Euro-centric features.  I cannot count the number of times I have heard Asian females oohing and ahing so proudly about their boyfriend’s or their mixed baby’s white skin and blue eyes – as if they had won the lottery or something.

      The video here simply affirms what I have heard over and over from the females I have talked with.  They will ascribe every positive feature there is to a white male – no matter what his actual appearance or social status (he could be dork No 1 on his block) – and nothing but negative traits to Asian guys. I’ve heard every excuse there is and it never ever fails to come to the same conclusion.  So there is obviously an extreme bias going on here and the only word I can use to sum it up would be an acute case of brainwashing.  Maybe whitewashing would be a better term. My only question remaining now is why it seems to have affected the Asian females so overwhelmingly since the influence of this brainwashing is all over the globe?  The research continues.

      Again, love your assessment and you’re dead on!

      1. “I cannot count the number of times I have heard Asian females oohing and
        ahing so proudly about their boyfriend’s or their mixed baby’s white
        skin and blue eyes – as if they had won the lottery or something”

        Mixed Asian baby with blue eyes? I would love for you to count the times you’ve seen that. Into genetics much?

      2. Yes, I am white and I am very surprised about women from east asia who hate theyr “own” men and love white men. White men specially blonds are very popular
        among this women. n som countrys like thailand or the Philippines is there a “man hunting” to get a white foreigner. And I ask me WHY????.
        Many of northern european men who get an asian woman are often shy against women, they are many times poor (even they came from a rich coutry), and they often have no chanche to get a women from their own country. Black women are not interested in white women like asian women. And I can understand that.
        But I understand why this white loosers are interested in asian wifte. Asian women are often very kind against their husband, and accepted things from him who a white woman never will accepted.

      3. CYou are spot on with the negative image of Chinese features and greature desire for Europen eyes and noses.

        Chinese girls who say they go out with white men because the Chinese men are too shy to ask them out are fooling nobody!

    3. You have put quite a lot of thought into this. I am a white male that has dated asian women. All I can say is I find them more attractive and less annoying than white women. In all situations, I was the one doing the pursuing.

    4. Sorry bro, if you lack confidence, it’s YOUR responsibility to fix that, stop sitting around whining blaming White Guys, Asian Girls, Black Guys, more money, not enough money, global warming or anything else. Its;s your life, take charge and fix it……………….complaining solves nothing

  4. Sorry for some of the typos above. Wrote it too quick. 🙁

    One other crucial point I’d like to mention is simply the numbers.

    Living in a country that predominantly white, Asian women are exposed to more diverse white men than diverse Asian men. Many Asian families have been systematically dispersed throughout the country, in hopes that our foreign culture would assimilate into Western culture. Herein lies the conflict of who we are attracted to and why?

  5. A great guy is a great guy whatever color he may be. I’ve dated as many asain guys as I have non Asian guys. Jerks are jerks and great guys are great guys just as good looking men are good looking men. These days everyone is mixed something or another so does it matter?? Just as many Asian men date non Asian women and I think it’s great as long as everyone is finding amazing relationships.

    1. If the Female in question is happy, why do so many Guys feel a right to criticise her? If The Fellas here put as much effort into improving their own lives and making themselves happy as they did criticising other people’s lives and choices………..they’d be a whole lot happier

  6. I don’t want to sound like an ass but this article is derivative so are the responses. Common, can we elevate the discussion on VTP. Leo’s response is purely anecdotal and frankly sound too defensive and angry. There are shades of truth to that but nothing fresh. VTP community is better than this. Can we examine this in a different angle? For example, how family affects this? Incidence of domestic violence is especially high in Asian families (not to mention how Asian families treat sons and daughters very very differently)

    Also, having lived in Germany, I can attest that Asian men or “hot shit” at least in Stuggart so that kinda debunks the western media argument somewhat. Also, this network is very US centric. How about the Euro-Viet; they can tell you an entirely different perspective.

    My point is why are we stroking a very common view rather than challenging it and looking at it from a different angle.

    Btw Leo, the dumb Asian women that haven’t already thought about what you wrote are most likely not going to read this so you might’ve wasted some ink there.

    1. Thai, he’s not angry at all, just telling it like it is, whether you like it or not. Obviously racial attitudes and preferences are a complex subject and cannot be distilled or summed up in a half page reply.  But this is a forum and not a book, thus one has to respond with what one considers the crux of the matter, and I can assure you that his point IS the crux of the matter.

      Sure, different subcultures and populations of people are going to have their own slants and biases and concerns and will thus respond differently in a given circumstance.  That goes without saying.  We are all the sum total of our different experiences and cultures and no two people will ever be exactly the same.  But the culture of a society has always been predominantly influenced by those who are the “majority” in that society, and the ideals of that majority are typically more or less accepted by others as the norm – and THAT influences the behaviors that we see. To give a satisfactory response to your point, my friend, would take a book report.

  7. Not sure there is no definitive “reason”.
    Anyone who can explain the laws of attraction is sitting on a gold mine 🙂
    Why do some people like certain types of ice cream?
    Perhaps the most simple answer is the best – “who knows?” lol

    I see tho that there is a website that actually specializes in Caucasian males and Asian females who share a mutual attraction:

  8. Still have never understood why its the white guy that has the fetish.  With 55% of the world being Asian and only 15% of it being white I think it’s the other way around. 😉

  9. Ridiculous . Women have insecurities of their image and self esteem so concept of race plays role.
    Media visually all white. Plus How many Asian men are media protrayed positively ?

  10. It is differece between asian women and relationship with white men. Thai, viet or philipinas like the white skincolur, but are also interested in money many times. Japanese women prefer white men for sex. Japanese women are hedonists. Chinese women also often like to have sex with white men, but meney is also important. Koreans I dont know. But som asian women perheps like white mens complection.

  11. Lucy Lui is such a hypocrite! she’s one of those Asian women who just “Hate it” when men say they like Asian women just because they are Asian. Yet and still she has no problem with her own bias in liking nothing but white men!

    1. I’m glad she no longer gets any good roles.  And the 2nd and 3rd guys are UGLY.  If women like Lucy Liu were only dating the better looking white guys then I wouldn’t have nearly as much problem with it, but when they go scraping the bottom of the barrel it pisses me off even more.

      1. This sort of spite, anger and resentment achieves nothing. Gloating over somebody elses misfortune because you’re unhappy doesn’t make you any happier, it does nothing to improve your own miserable life

  12. Why limit yourself to dating one race? You guys sitting in front of your computer screen with frustration should be out trying to meet women and why limit yourselves to one exclusive race? You’re as racist as 50% of these interacial couples who picked eacother out for status & stereotypes that has been engrained in your brain that leads you to believe a certain race has superior qualities over other races. I’m an Asian woman and I’ve encountered the dreadful Asian fetish, mostly from white men but also middle eastern, Spanish, Hispanic, etc.; it’s creepy and gross. These men end up dating unaytractive bottom of tr barrel asian
    women as well. With that said I am happily dating a white guy because after years of dating different types of men this individual is one I’ve felt a special connection with so booyah!

  13. “95% of white males have at one point
    in their lives, experienced yellow fever. Many factors have contributed
    to this phenomenon such as guilt from head taxes, internment camps,
    dropping the Nuclear bomb and the Viet Nam War”

    It the most stupid thing I ve heard. Men do like asian women for all except feel guilty for something; if we talk of guilt we owe much more to black people, but anyway it would be stupid, ridiculious and a pitty to love for pity, and anyway its not the case.

    In a few words, the reason of these fever is that men are runing away a culture involved in feminism.

  14. The reason Chinese girls get white boyfriends is so that they can have children with more European and caucasion features, mainly eyes and noses. This is also why so many chinese girls have eyelid surgery and want high bridged noses, as these features are considered more attractive.

    In turn white men are more likely to chose a Chinese girl who has more european features due to having some european ancestry, rather than girls who look 100% Chinese.

    This is basically outbreeding in order to get more fashionable genes in the next generation and is the same reason why black men choose white girls to have children who are less dark skinned and more Europen features.

    Everyone is just trying to confirm to the idealised western European standard of beauty, which is fair skin, big eyes and a straight high bridged nose.

    That is the truth of it all, I don’t know why people shy away from it! It’s white fever NOT yellow fever.

  15. It depends the case:
    Some girls want to get a guy with better economics than the asians that she knows.
    Some others just see a western guy as some exotic so she get interested in that.

    Other reason maybe (specifically in china) the limit of childs. She want more childs and in her country she cannot.

    Another reason maybe hope, hope to get a better life, and she think that get married with a different culture guy maybe the solution.
    There are too the adventure to know something new (a new land, a new country, new people). New and different.

    And the western not all but she will get more probability, is not like as the asian guy in the treat meaning. We are more idealist and want to give a girl some different treat. I’m not very sure about this but I know that the common corean guy is some rude with him girl (for example).

  16. I have an asian girlfriend, who i belive is attractive, i beliveasian women are attractive. Iv known her since preschool an we have been good friends, also she was adopted by a white family when she was 2. She also just thinks asian guys are flat out unattractive, what i guess im trying to say hear is she doesnt have a asian famliy but finds white guys attractive, so there is no other factors beside attraction visually an mentally. I belive also that i find what girls and other types of
    Womens attitudes a little annoying unlike asian womens who are kind mostly, i only like attractive women who r nice, an i find that mostly in women of an asian heritage.

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