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Asian Girls + White Boys: The Answer to this Equation

Asian girls dating White boys seem to be the new trend. Is just a trend or is it a shift in preferences? Are there other underlying reasons behind this coupling? Is there even a definitive answer?

Asian Fusion has become extremely popular lately, and I’m not talking about food or clothes. The latest trendy hybridity seems to be interracial couples.

Lucy Liu with her White Boyfriends

My Asian guy friends are always asking, “Why are Asian girls always dating white guys?” Some account this type of coupling to a bad case of yellow fever (the Asian fetish kind, not the viral disease). Others say girls go for status and something new. Will we ever agree that it could be, you know, love? One of our guest bloggers, Steve Jackson, definitely agrees with that notion. However, discussions on the answer to the Asian Girl + White Boy Equation seem to head in multiple directions.

A Google search of “Asian girl White guy” brought up a few possible answers.

Let’s say that you have your choice of two guys.  The first guy is average-looking, of average intelligence, and has an average career.  The second guy is good-looking, smart, and has a good career.  Which one are you going to choose?  If the only difference is that Guy #1 is Asian and Guy #2 is white, my guess is you’re choosing Guy#2.  That’s not racism, that’s smart market segmentation. -Blogger Chris Yeh

Living in the United States has probably clouded my judgment a little bit. When you see models in the press or media they are always toned, large, tall – all attributes that Asian guys tend not to have. I think it might have to do with just the way us Asian American girls were brought up. Our concept of beauty makes us think that Westerners just have that beauty that guys of our race don’t have. -Amped Asia Blogger Rochelle Nguyen

For a number of reasons, Asian men have lost the confidence to approach the particular Asian woman they want to date, which is often an attractive, very well put together individual. Any woman they perceive as even remotely possibly maybe out of their league (i.e., any attractive, very well put together Asian woman), they will simply walk the other way and admire from afar… Meanwhile, they get a lot of attention from White men and since the litter they pick from consists almost exclusively of White men, they end up dating White men. -8Asians Blogger akrypti

95% of white males have at one point in their lives, experienced yellow fever. Many factors have contributed to this phenomenon such as guilt from head taxes, internment camps, dropping the Nuclear bomb and the Viet Nam War. -Stuff White People Like

So let’s synthesize: Smart economics, the media, yellow fever, Asian shyness and White aggression are all at the root of the Asian Girl + White Boy equation. All of these make sense, but my mind and gut are saying there has to be more. What’s your view point on this “phenomenon”?

Here’s what a few others had to say about this coupling.