Census Check: How’s the Vietnamese American Population Looking?

A few figures about the Vietnamese American community.

Official figures about the Asian American community from the 2010 Census were recently released, so now it’s time to check up on the Vietnamese American community.

According to the data, the number of people who identified as Vietnamese Americans climbed 42%. There are now 1,743,433 people in America who identify as Vietnamese alone or in combination with another race or ethnic group. 1,548,449 identified as Vietnamese alone.

Most Vietnamese Americans live on the West Coast. The regional breakdown is as follows: 49% of Vietnamese live on the West, 32% live in the South, 9.1% live in the Midwest, and 9.7% in the Northeast.

Unsurprisingly, California is home to the largest Vietnamese population concentrated in a single state at 37.3%. 13%  of Vietnamese Americans live in Texas, 4.4% in Washington, 3.8% in Florida, 3.5% in Virginia, and the remaining 38% are scattered across all other states.

Vietnamese Americans also make up the largest Asian American group in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Estimates from the 2010 American Community One Year Survey have also been released. There’s a wealth of data for those interested in information mining, but here are some select statistics:

  • The median age of Vietnamese Americans is 35.8 years.
  • About 30% of the Vietnamese Americans 25 years old and above have less than a high school diploma.
  • A little over 18% of Vietnamese Americans 25 years old and above hold a bachelors degree.
  • A little over 6% of Vietnamese Americans 25 years old and above hold a professional or graduate degree.
  • The median household income of those who identified as Vietnamese alone was $52,153. The median household income of those who identified as Vietnamese American alone or in combination with another race or ethnic group was $52,511.
  • Around 16% of Vietnamese Americans receive social security income, and around 9% receive supplemental security income.
  • About 20% of Vietnamese Americans have no health insurance.
  • The poverty rate among Vietnamese Americans is a little over 15%
  • 54% of those who identified Vietnamese Americans alone speak English “less than well.”
  • Over 1.1 million Vietnamese Americans are foreign born–in other words, 1.1 million are first generation Vietnamese Americans.

Are there any figures you’re curious about?

  • tomosaigon

    Are there stats on how long the 1st generation Vietnamese have been in the US? Recent waves of immigration?

    • http://BaoHouse.net bảo.thiên.ngô

      You might be able to derive that off Census data, but that’s a custom report. Do you need it for any reason, or are you simply curious?

      • RT

         I’m doing academic research. Is there a way to get data on the Vietnamese Americans according to age?

      • http://BaoHouse.net/ bảo.thiên.ngô

        It’s all on factfinder2.census.gov my friend.

      • tomosaigon

        I am simply, but very, curious. I would assume annual numbers would have fallen greatly in the past two decades.

    • http://BaoHouse.net/ bảo.thiên.ngô

      https://docs.google.com/a/cayda.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApgPcatq6uHFdExaMHloVnVKYzltTEVkUWtIamwyZnc Line 11 shows the headcount of foreign-born Vietnamese. Line 23 shows the change between decades. Immigration has declined, but it’s still very much strong.

      • tomosaigon

        This is great! Thanks!