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Garden Grove Ends Nude Vietnamese Coffee Houses

This week, Garden Grove City Council voted unanimously to ban smoking, arcade games, and nudity in Vietnamese coffeehouses, or “cafe om.” Good riddance or an unnecessary restriction on a harmless vice?

This week, Garden Grove City Council voted unanimously to ban smoking, arcade games, and nudity in coffeehouses.  In a city of 166,332, of which 40-45% are Vietnamese, the ordinance is aimed primarily at Vietnamese coffeehouses.

Vietnamese Coffeehouse Cafe LuFor those not familiar with Vietnamese coffeehouses, or “cafe om,” they are as close as they come to strip clubs in the conservative Vietnamese culture.  The venues are usually dark and seedy.  Waitresses deliver coffee to primarily male clienteles in skimpy outfits or lingerie.  As these coffeehouses push to compete, the waitresses’ outfits have gotten smaller and racier, close to full nudity in some instances.

Vietnamese coffeehouses have also become a hotbed for gang activity and gambling.  Arcade machines are rigged to be gambling machines and the coffeehouses have become meeting spots for loan sharks and gangsters.  According to the OC Register, “2010 alone there were three robberies, four incidents of assault with a deadly weapon, seven drug-related incidents, 28 gambling arrests and 39 citations for smoking violations in these coffeehouses.”  Many are ran and funded by gang members or their affiliates.

Milpitas Police Bust
Suspect in last month's bust

This event brings into light the darker side of Vietnamese American culture, one of gangs, drugs, and sex trafficking.  Just last year, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) busted a $10 million marijuana cultivation ring in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Milpitas, and San Jose.  Suspects arrested we all Vietnamese.  Last month, Milpitas police arrested 2 Vietnamese men growing close to $1.1 million worth of weed.

Though the new ordinance will make it harder for these activities to take place, I have no doubt nudity, drug, and gambling will pop up somewhere else (Vietnamese people are quite resourceful, even the bad ones, unfortunately).  We need to solve the underlying problems: a highly profitable drug industry and immigrant parents that do not have enough time for their kids from working night or double shifts.

49 responses to “Garden Grove Ends Nude Vietnamese Coffee Houses

  1.  nothing really wrong with these coffee shop , we have a bunch in san jose, as its a hot bed for gangsters and so forth , sure i agree , alot of asian gangster enjoy coffee . but i can say its not just all gangsters there . i can say for sure the san jose coffee house is really mixed , across all age nationality and gender, and its not every girl who works there are naked, i guess its just the one who show more skins gets more tips.  the whole lingerie/bikini is just to compete for customer . what is really wrong with them walking around serving coffee and tea ? compare to a strip club who walk around and give you lap dances, naked .. its not a ” cafe om ” and if there is prositution, than it is on the girl , not as its a requirement for the girls to work there they have to be ” hookers ” . and cultivating marijuana , not only gangsters cultivate marijuana . but i can for sure say alot of  hard working white collar people do it also . just my 2 cent . =] 

    1. Terry,

      Your 2-cent really doesn’t even worth a penny.  What’s wrong with these coffee shops and how it’s compared w/ strip clubs?  These coffee shops used to be only bikini and lingerie and I was fine with it.  Until it becomes full nude where you can see their little p*ssies showing up to your face while pouring the tea then there’s a whole lot to worry about.  It’s no longer a place for me and my buddies come to chill. The environment becomes like a whore house and attracting more shady guys into the shops.  When a shop becomes full nude, it needs to get a license and be more strictly regulated like those ordinary strip club so that we can make sure nobody get hurt or nobody get raped inside the shops.  So fine, if they want to become full nude, get a damn license for it, just like an alcohol bar.

  2. Thank you James for writing this article. I appreciate you bringing this facet of our Vietnamese American culture into light, so that as a worldwide community, we can fully consider its impact. As a female, I feel that my gender is not fully considered and respected, in part because the history of this kind of business allows many to rationalize it and to perpetuate its continuity.

    If this business wants to remain active, I think it is only fair that it be regulated and obtain licenses to protect the female workers, and to maintain a certain standard of professionalism. Otherwise, it is a hotspot for questionable activities and the most visible aspect of the business – the waitresses – will be targeted for criticisms, when in fact they are only a veil to mask activities controlled by the males.

  3. what fact is there to these places are being ran/funded by gangsters?  meeting spots for loan sharks?  what proof is there?  also, if any feminists want to comment, many of these venues are owned and ran by the female gender.  so please know facts before commenting.

    1. Hi there, being in San Jose, I’ve ran the research through people that have direct contact with these cafes.  Of course, there’s no documented studies to reference, but I they come from people with good authority on the matter and I don’t believe they have a reason to lie.

      Also, to be fair, women are just as capable of sexism as men are, as long as profit is involved.  The fact that some cafe owners are female doesn’t prove the point either way.

    2. If women own and run these businesses, which I do not deny, the matter of protecting their workers is still relevant. If the female workers are not safe, how will you keep business going?  

    3. this is a poorly researched article, it’s more appropriate as a facebook status because at least people don’t assume it’s factual when they read facebook status.

  4. I never even knew these existed until I was about 18 or 19 years old. It wasn’t until I was a girl scout leader doing some fundraising did older Vietnamese told me to make sure the kids stayed away from coffee shops in Little Saigon. I remember being shocked upon realizing these hidden nooks in a neighborhood I considered my grandmother’s. I, personally, know an owner of a very popular coffee shop in Little Saigon, and he’s my age!– 24! Supply and demand– it’s a good business idea, however, I feel he’s sacrificed a lot of respect to open such a place that doesn’t check IDs. I know this, because when I taught English, I remember hearing a group of my 16 year old students talking about how they stopped by a coffee shop, though they don’t smoke or drink coffee. How did they get in? There’s no enforcement keeping minors out of such places.

  5. This story is an interesting parallel to Yick Wo v. Hopkins (here:– here we see a city ordinance banning a race-neutral law that seems to have a discriminatory impact on Vietnamese American business owners. Given the evolution of litigation under the Equal Protection Clause though, it’s likely that Vietnamese shop owners wouldn’t win on a legal claim here. Interesting to see a bit of history repeating though.

    1. That’s a realy interesting point Carolyn.  Have you spotted any other examples of race-neutral laws having a discriminatory effect on the Vietnamese community?  It would be an article I would love to pursue.  

  6. Tthis piece of News is not staying on the POINT. If you talk about Nude Coffee, Stay on it. If there are other story involve with the main story, make it less .. like side order on the main dish !!

    I personally like the look of the girls work at these places. But to wear nothing is too far. There are ordnance involving in dress code. You can’t just walk down the street naked, hell … it’s damn hard to find a public nude beach.

    If the owner want their worker to be naked, then they Must follow the regulations for strip joints.


  7. You should remove the words “conservative Vietnamese culture” from your article. To state that cafe om is derived and endorsed by Vietnamese culture, let alone conservative Vietnamese culture, is to insult the Vietnamese people.  These types of ‘businesses’ are run by perverts and opportunists who exploit women and treat their bodies as mere objects of pleasure.  The so-called cafes are deceptive facades for immorality and serve as a horrible example for the Vietnamese youth.  The perverts who oversee such places are a small minority from all nations and races, not just exclusively the Vietnamese race. Thus, it is misleading and ignorant to state that these types of activities are predominantly from Vietnamese culture. Why don’t you mention the fact that the majority of Vietnamese men and women get their coffee in respectable places like Lee’s Sandwiches?

    1. Hello, the stament is to reflect that these cafes are as far as Vietnamese cultures allow.  There are no strip clubs in Vietnam; they are illegal.  It shows that we are overall conservative when it comes to this matter, the oposite of what you think the statement implies.

      1. lots of things are illegal here and in vietnam such as drugs and prostitution but they do exist there. people just want to sound like angels in public but the truth is people are the same no matter where you are.

        1. Sadly, it is the human need for lust and drugs that perpetuates prostitution and drug trafficking.  The seven deadly sins, we are all tempted to them.  Therefore, sex and drugs will continue to strive and prosper in every corners of the world.  C’est la vie.

    2.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong w/ the use of “conservative Vietnamese culture” phrase and don’t see how it insults the Vietnamese people.  Vietnamese culture IS conservative.

  8. I wonder if the author of this article ever been in those coffee shops
    in Little Saigon. Even though the waitresses in those coffee shops wear
    very revealing outfits, it’s completely wrong and ignorant to compare
    them to the typical “cafe om” places in Vietnam. We can look and talk to the waitresses, but there are no body contact, let alone the “om”.

  9. It’s a shame that Vietnamese coffee shops use these kinds of gimmicks to attract shady clients.  In my opinion, there are three groups of people involved in these operations that should be pointed out as being shameless and giving the Vietnamese community a bad name:  (1) the low life coffee shop operators, (2) the exposing waitresses with no self-respect, and (3) the losers who go there for the purpose of watching the waitresses exposing themselves.  What a waste of the opportunity to live in this country.

  10. The next thing you know, they might ban Frank Sinatra in Italian restaurants because mobsters like to listen to Old Blue Eyes while plotting a hit.

    Or ban half naked people walking on the beaches because it’s suggestive and increase immoral behaviors that subsequently boost the number of out of wedlock babies.  Because, you know, research has shown that the more naked people are, the more babies they make.

    I don’t have a problem with closing gambling dens and all other illegal activities, but telling a woman, a pretty one at that, what she can and cannot do is beyond the pale. Hey, last I checked, this is a free country.  If a girl wants to show off her things and the guys like to look, then that’s their business.  If there was a health concern, then I’m all for it, but man…a beautiful body is a waste to so covered up!

    Heck, the last time I checked, there are more scandilously dressed people on the beach where children and old people hang out.  Do you know how dangerous it is for an 80 yr old man to look at a tanned hard-bodied 20 yr old walking in a g-string?  Fatal encounters are not all that uncommon.

    Now, a word for the author, as some have pointed out, please stick to one (1) point in your article.  Are you writing about some new ordinaces targetting cafe om or vietnamese pot growers?

    I know you guys in California fancy yourselves liberals.  Even for self ascribed free thinkers, your leap in logic is a wee bit out there.

    By following your logic, I can say that the city decided to build a bridge connecting 2 mountain passes.  Mt. Everest is the high mountain above sea level. This year, 2 climbers, John Marshal and Bob Dickens, ascended it w/o oxygen masks.

  11. I’m gonna take stab in the dark and say some douche bag from the city council must’ve been rejected by one of the waitresses, so he want to do this as payback. They are not “Cafe om”, there is no “om” going on in there but girls in bikini walking around serving coffee and talk to client. O.C cities are considered beach city, so you tell me a girl walking around the street with bikini on won’t get frown on, but these girls do it in door gonna get a stick up their back side? Drugs and gangs are EVERYWHERE, not just these coffee shops.  You can choose the bust and close the one that are gang affiliated, but the rest of these business are just regular people with an open minded view.  SEX sales, cars companies uses hot models in bikinis, restaurants and bars got girls in bikini walking around and in some event even have nude girls.  I don’t see them getting canned.  It’s just a part of business, and as far as business goes, I think these dog turd politicians should just open their wallet, take some bribe and shut their pie hole so people can still have a way to do business.  Regardless, we’ll find a way around this.

  12. How is this type of coffee shops any difference than Hooters? I agreed that the coffee shop owners crossed the line when the girls are nude.  However, I think the author of this article made a gross generalization of Vietnamese American culture by posting facts about marijuana cultivating ring and illegal drug activy that have nothing to do with the coffee shops.  James, if you were going to use illegal drug activity to prove your point that the coffee shops are bad, then make sure that the facts about the illegal drug activity that you used is actually reported in the coffee shops.  If you truely believe that there are illegal activities in these coffee shops and you have done research on this subject, then have the courage to post your research.  Dont use random facts to inaccurately justify your point.  I’m Vietnamese and for someone who doesn’t know vietnamese culture, when they come across this article, they’ll immediately assume that the coffee shops are full of illegal activities.  When you write an article like this about our culture, make sure you perform your due dillegence to represent our culture accurately.  It isn’t simply about you expressing your point anymore, it’s about you representing Vietnamese Americans.  Just be mindful of hour articles like this will be perceived. 

  13. The action of these people don’t represent the Vietnamese culture overall.  You did not write that but the readers may have that perception when you injected the word culture into the article. 

    Regardless, there are bad apples in every commnunity, and these are our bad apples.  I disagree with comments that said this is no different than hooters or scenes at the beach.  Unless I am wrong, none of those places have naked girls walking around showing their private parts (or “close to full nudity”).  If they want to open a strip club that serves coffee, follow the requirements imposed on strip clubs and open their shops in a corner of town away from the general public (yes, for those of you who don’t know, peep shows, strip clubs, adult movie theaters and so on have to be operated under ordinances that keep them away from where children may be present).  If they want to serve coffee and argue that they are similar to hooters, please put some cloths on.  If they want wear skimpy bikini and argue that it’s not different than the scenes at the beach, then see if the city allows them to open a coffee shop on the sand.  It does not matter whether the owner of the coffee shops is a male or a female, a Vietnamese or a non-Vietnamese. There are laws in this country.

    Taking cloths off for the sake of competion with another shop is acceptable if they are both strip clubs.  Otherwise, we would one day see McDonald’s workers wearing semi-naked clothings to attract customers away from Burger Kings. 

  14. Hi James,

    Thank you for writing the article and shedding the light on this coffee shop topic. It has been an issue of aggravation and disgust for many of us living in San Jose. Anyone of sound mind could see that it’s sex that they are selling, not coffee.  I encourage all of us to write to the City Council to demand that the shops be closed immediately to protect the morality and decency of our community and to get rid of these low life and opportunists looking to make a quick buck.  I am reflecting back to a short time ago when there was a big uproar about the small issue of the naming an area “Little Saigon” or “Saigon Business District”.  Big deal for nothing, What about this more important issue that everyone is looking the other way?  Send an email to City Council today. 

    1. Hi, Jennifer, 

      I understand your anger towards this matter.  I too do not condone the coffee shop based on one premise: the indecency of the attires the girls wear or lack thereof.  The impressions of coffee shops are almost always negative.  From an outsider’s point of view, this negativity reflects poorly on the Vietnamese people as a whole.  When my non-Vietnamese friends mention coffee shop, they think Vietnamese and exclusively Vietnamese.  It’s as if Vietnamese people patent the right to the coffee shop.  Like the Mexicans patent the right to work in the back of restaurants or Blacks males are all gangsters.  They are societal stigmas placed upon a race.  It is a misconception that must be corrected.  Not all Mexicans work in restaurants and Vietnamese have to do with coffee shop.  I’m ranting.  

  15. Interesting read.  But I agree with some commentators here. What sup with the “sneaky” insertion of DEA busting Vietnamese drug dealers in some other cities in the middle of an article about a new anti-coffeeshop ordinance in Garden Grove? Very misleading.  The article is bias.  If it meant to be a personal opinion piece, that’s fine.  But if it’s new and information, try more professional journalism.  

    And here is my personal opinion, the new ordinance is bias and full of politic.  I live around there and saw strip clubs, adult video stores, street walkers everywhere yet no one say anything.  Here, some girls in a cafe shops try to show some skin, they are now in trouble.  It must be near reelection as Garden Grove city councils try to score points with the conservative Vietnamese wives who husbands “happened” to go to these shops a lot.

    Also, those are not “cafe om” because you can’t “om”.  I been to those shops before, tried to om and failed miserably. 

  16. Dear Mr. Bao,

    The problem is, unfortunately, deeper than “immigrant parents that do not have enough time for their kids from working night or double shifts.” What seems to be missing in this discussion is the fact that the current US safety net is not what it was in the 1970s when the first wave of Vietnamese arrived in this country. Newer immigrants have little support; charities and government assistant programs are being cut left and right in this recession. Furthermore, the newer Vietnamese immigrants come from lower social classes in Vietnam; they are not the high-ranking military personnel, intellectuals, or professionals who left in 1975. Instead of our community creating support networks (including financial ones) to support new immigrants obtain a decent standard of living in their new homeland, the Vietnamese who immigrated here in the 1970s seem to be more interested in wagging their fingers. Older immigrants constantly find it necessary to lecture newer immigrants: “If you just work HARD enough, your children can become doctors and engineers like ours did!” I find such comment hard to swallow since many new Vietnamese immigrants who toil in restaurant kitchens or in factories would probably tell you that they are indeed working REALLY HARD. But how are they to feed their families at minimum wage (and often even less when working for unscrupulous employers!)? 

    It’s time for us Vietnamese to stop preaching the gospel. Stop telling the new immigrants they are the reason why they or their children are involved in the drug trade or working in seedy brothel-like restaurants. It is time for us to stop pretending like we are all members of the professional class. It’s time to acknowledge how difficult it is to live in this country as new immigrants just trying to earn enough to survive. Stop heaping praises on the doctors and the engineers and the college professors. Start asking restaurant workers, factory workers, and nail technicians how difficult their lives are and what we can do to lessen their burden. 

    1. Well said!!!  In general, Vietnamese people are a hard working people.  Whether it be white collar or blue collar jobs, we all work hard.  It’s just that the opportunity opens to some and not others.  In my opinion, people that work blue collar jobs work much harder then those of white collar jobs.  

      1. Hey, don’t be so ignorant, people from around the world came to the U.S. to have a better life, not just the Vietnamese people. The same goes with all of the other races, they all have negative effects on society. What you said right there is definitely not a solution. You should try and come to Viet Nam and live their life under a Communist government and see for yourself.

  17. In the San Jose area, there is a club called “The Pink Poodle” that has nude dancers performing on stage, but does not serve alcohol (similar to the “Kit Kat Klub” in Sunnyvale), because by law they cannot serve alcohol in the presence of nude, topless or bottomless women. It would seem that the Vietnamese coffee shops that have some of their waitresses bottomless except for a see-thru thin mesh or fishnet skirt with a bra, bikini top or pasties up top, or completely bottomless (which is seen on occassion) w/ bra or pasties, or completely nude except for high-heels (which is very rare to see) would still not be breaking any laws because they are not serving alcohol in the establishment. I don’t know if places like the ‘Poodle’ (which is on Bascom Avenue, a fairly busy public street with other retail businesses next to it and across the street) have to have a particular permit to allow public nudity behind closed door with no alcohol offered for sale; perhaps this (and maybe an “18 Years and Over” sign over the door) is all the Vietnamese coffee shops need to be in compliance with the local laws, unless there is some other zoning issues that would also need to be addressed. I have never personally seen any touching (or any other form of ‘demeaning’ or mistreatment) of the waitresses; they are treated with respect and in a friendly manor as far as I have witnessed. Most of the girls are working at the shops to put themselves through college or otherwise financially support themselves and their families. Nobody appears to be there against their will (waitresses or patrons). Granted, I don’t like inhaling second-hand cigarette smoke, so I choose to visit the shops that don’t allow smoking inside. I don’t see anything wrong with these establishments, and don’t think it reflects poorly on the Vietnamese community.

  18. I might add to my prior posting that it the waitresses are not solely Vietnamese, lest some assume that the Vietnamese coffee shops represent a smear on the reputations of the women of the Vietnamese community by association. In the San Jose area coffee shops, the waitresses are a mix of Vietnamese, Vietnamese-Caucasian, Chinese, Filipino, Cambodian, Indonesian and even Latino.

  19. This is a disgusting waste of police and counsil funding! I go to these shops quite often and everything is always on the up and up, I don’t agree with no smoking laws anyways. Very relaxing environment, very polite staff and never even an argument. Police need to stop harassing coffee shops where they ‘suspect’ gang activity and start going after the actual gangs. The police chief was not elected to be the champion of ‘my’ morality, I am fully capable as an adult to decide what is acceptable to me. Lastly, to anyone using the lame excuse ‘I was walking by around noon with my 12 year old kid and he saw naked girls’,  why is your kid not in school…second, most of these shops are in centers full of smoke shops, liquer stores and night clubs, maybe its time you started thinking about being a more responsable parent and and less time punishing everyone else because you choose to parade your child through these areas.

  20. I can not understand why the coffee shops are being banned. They should just get proper security like clubs. I am a security consultant for Vigilant Protection Group, and we would be more than happy to provide security for these shops.

  21. Mr. Bao,

    I would thoroughly disagree with some of the points in your article.  Garden Grove has other bigger problems than these cafes if you’ve looked around.  You paint these cafes as seedy establishments where criminal activity is rampant.  If you look around or have been in Garden Grove long enough, you’ll find plenty of crime regardless of these cafes.  You paint the club owners as gang members, butthe owners are actually often women who used to work at these cafes.  The ladies in these cafes work there because they earn very good money and do so willingly.  It is misleading for you to somehow include the fact that some Vietnamese individuals were arrested for drug activity.  It’s not relevant.  There are plenty of others (non-Vietnamese) who are arrested for drugs too and were the examples you cite due to the fact that these Vietnamese cafes existed in Garden Grove?  If these cafes did not exist, then the 10 milllion dollar marijuana ring wouldn’t have existed?

    You imply that these cafes are counter to conservative Vietnamese culture.  These cafes have been around for decades in OC and they are all over Vietnam.  In fact, have you been to Vietnam recently? I have, and I just got back there this year (2011).  These cafes and much more exist in Vietnam.  These cafes are a part of the country there much like Hooters is here in the US.  While I understand that not everyone may agree with these cafes or with Hooters for that matter, it’s a slippery slope when the city is obviously targeting these Vietnamese cafes.  It feels like they are just trying to look good to the public. 

  22. This writer, james bao, sound like a viet cong (communist) or a home boy, he wrote those were “cafe om” (girls let you touching them) showing that he knows nothing about those cafe shops.  Those girls don’t let you touch them at all, and the customers are mostly businessmen or worker looking for a place to relax/enjoy because it’s kind of expensive (cafe $5-$7 + $2-$5 tip).  This is an article written by a guy who doesn’t anything about the places.

    1. Hey, to call the author of this article a viet cong is somewhat harsh.  He presented the information based on what he knows of the coffee shop.  I do agree that the information presented is somewhat bias and misleading with a hint of personal opinion inserted.  He’s simply trying to relate the illegal activities that these coffee shops entail.  Assaults, gambling hidden in video games, and drug trafficking is in fact part of the coffee shop.  I’ve played those arcade games!  

  23. I have no problem  with hottie Viet girls doing this, just like the girl in the picture in the article, she is FOINE and if she wants to get naked for me I got $$$$ for her..

  24. Is this really any different from the Green Girl Saloon on Beach where white chicks can wear g-strins and show boobies while serving / drinking Jack to a bunch of white customers.   Didn’t think so…

  25. First off, if you moved here to escape the NVA then you must have at least a modicum of interest in Freedom.   While shutting down titty cafe’s might seem like a noble cause in the ‘fight’ against petty vice, it is nonetheless an infringement on the consensual agreements among men.   It is the illegality – or making thereof, which invites crime – not the free will of people exchanging money for services rendered.

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  28. I’m amazed. I live in Garden Grove, in Little Siagon. I’ve been here 20 years. I have NEVER seen this type of coffee shop, and I can probably rattle off the names of the various restaurants and coffee shops in GG and Westminster. “Seedy” is the most suprising word to use – it doesn’t fit the scrubbed appearance of Little Siagon at all. I can’t believe this was a recent decision by my City Council. Yes, GG has a Larry Flint strip club. It is on a edge of town, far away from Little Siagon. Not a coffee house anywhere…just some industrial buildings and auto dealers. 18 years ago in GG there was a problem with gangs and cafes. There would be open shootings at outside tables, styled like the mafia hits in NYC. The police gang squads put a stop to it very quickly. The gang members were primarily young VN and fairly recent immigrants. The VN-AM culture has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Only in the past year have we had restaurant servers who speak perfect English and have no VN accent. Other notable changes are the westernization of marriages and family life. The signs of traditional VN culture are fading very, very quickly. Maybe too quickly. It is only visible now in performing arts. The mixture of locales in this story makes it very confusing. GG and SJ are about 700 miles apart…hardly influencing one another. The biggest problem I see with VN coffee shops is the coffee is AWFUL. It is bitter and burnt, and undrinkable. The machines are dirty with coffee oils and acids, and need a good cleaning with vinegar. Which might be why the VNs are hanging out at Starbucks and not their local cafes.

  29. This ordinance would hurt legitimate businesses and people with jobs who work there. I sincerely hoped the city council looked into all the facts
    before they enacted such an ordinance.

    I have no problem with these coffee shops from what I’ve seen of them. You see more scantily dressed women on TV and in print, and especially on the internet where it’s easily available to anyone. These coffee shops are aimed at adult men in the first place. The city ordinance seems excessive and somewhat discriminatory against Vietnamese coffee shops. To clear something up for those less aware, a city ordinance is a local law made by a city. There are city ordinances all around the country, some as crazy as ‘donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs.’ Before the ordinance was enacted, the Vietnamese coffee shops were not breaking any laws.

    What I would like to know more, and wished the article touched on was about the gang affiliation. What percentage of these coffee shops are ‘allegedly’ owned by gang members? 0%, 25%, 100%? Second of all, if there was only 1 of these coffee shops in all of the city with 3 reported robberies in a year, you might say that is a high percentage. But if there are 200 coffee shops – then that number is pretty a safe statistic. There are more crimes committed at your local shopping mall. Also, who robbed whom? All in all, the reported crimes were petty crimes, and are not major crimes like murder or drug trafficking that happen in the rest of the city, which should be something the city council should concern themselves with more than men who want to look at women in bikinis. IF there really was a real gang issue, than all they did was merely sweep the dirt under the rug. That’s the real epidemic of this world. Not solve the problem but just point the finger and try to put a band-aid on the issue.

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