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The Biggest Cave in the World

The world’s largest cave to date has recently been identified. And it’s in Vietnam.

British cave scientists recently confirmed that Vietnam is now home to the world’s largest cave [insert “booyah!”]. The Son Doong Cave, located in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park runs 2.5 miles long, and can get as high as 600 feet, that’s nearly twice as the now, second largest cave in the world, Deer Cave in Malaysia [insert “double booyah!’].  Take that Malaysia, my Son Doong trumps your Deer!

These Brits have barely scratched the surface of what features are to be found in the Son Doong Cave.  Will we find a colony of Vietnam Leaf-nosed Bats in the depths of this cavern?  Or maybe cultural artifacts that shed new light on Vietnam’s prehistorical past? I know, I know… this is some exciting stuff, but the good people at British Cave Research Association are sure to continue their research and share their findings with the public once the giddiness brought on by their record breaking discovery wears off.

In the mean time, check out some cool articles that National Geographic has released on the Son Doong Cave.

National Geographic will be airing a special called “World’s Biggest Cave” on Thursday, January 27th @ 10pm. So for all you “Dog Whisperer” fans out there, get ready to tune in live (or set up your DVR’s).

(Photo Credit: ITV STUDIOS LTD./ Simon Reay)

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