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Video Monday? Not This Again…

Another Asian in the Library video has gone viral.

Some months after the Alexandra Wallace YouTube incident left a sticky stain on American race relations, another Asian-in-the library video has gone viral. This time, the video features not one single offender, but an ensemble cast of shush-ers and shouters at CSU Northridge. In it, an obviously distressed Asian student confronts some unidentified students who she thinks are being too loud, but then raises her own voice beyond the accepted decibel value for a library.

While some people might point to this video and say, “Aha! Alexandra’s point is vindicated! The over-studious Asian is ironically the loudest of them all!” let’s not be too quick to judge. There have obviously been some kind of provocations and we don’t know what the noise level was like before the Asian student approached those jeering her.

We’re not going to post the video here because we don’t want to fuel or perpetuate any cyberbullying, but we just wanted to say that should you come across Asians in the Library Redux, don’t shake your head in shame or hastily condemn. Everyone has meltdowns. Sometimes people overreact. Good luck with finals.

Reference: LA Weekly
Image by Gerard Pereira (Creative Commons)

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    how is it ok for OVN to post about Alexandra Wallace (name, picture, video and all) and claim that this site does not encourage cyber bullying by refusing to post the video of the Asian girl? 

    such double standards and hypocrisy.

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