An-My Lê
An-My Lê

The MacArthur Fellowship is kind of a prestigious thing. You get $500,000 doled out over the course of 5 years, with no strings attached. It’s meant to provide the financial freedom for people who “show exceptional creativity in their work and the prospect for still more in the future”–an artistic and scientific license of sorts. You can’t apply for a MacArthur Fellowship, the MacArthur Fellowship finds you.

This year, Vietnamese American photographer An-My Lê has been awarded a fellowship for her artistry in capturing military imagery on film. In addition to being a new MacArthur Fellow, Lê is a photography professor at Bard College. She, like many other immigrants, studied biology as an undergraduate, but later made the crossover to art and earned an MFA from Yale. Her latest photographic endeavors explore the Vietnam War.

Check out her interview below. Congratulations An-My!


Cover photo by Lois Conner via Art Asia Pacific

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