UPDATE: Suspect Arrested in Connection to Michelle Le’s Disappearance

After three long, apprehensive months, an arrest has finally been made in Michelle Le’s homicide case. A culmination of evidence has brought Le’s former high school friend into custody.

South China Sea: Détente vs. Deterrence

New America Media Editor’s Note: The race to secure natural resources in the South China Sea has only just begun, argues NAM contributor Thi Lam, and long-simmering territorial disputes over the oil-rich Spratly islands between Southeast Asian nations and a newly assertive China are intensifying. Deterrence, he says, may hold the key to resolving the crisis.

Korean Dramas and the Worship of Infantile Women

Korean dramas are extremely popular with Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans, among other demographic groups. Korean dramas are not without their merits, but they can also set an insidious precedent for what constitutes “desirable” female behavior.