Questionable Vietnamese Masculinity in Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam

Luke Nguyen represents an image of masculinity that refuses to fit within the mold of standard archetypes of Western manhood. He constantly performs a mediated form of masculinity, fluctuating between exaggerated extremes with a kind of self-aware humor that both reveals and mocks the hidden precepts of what it means to be “a man.”

Michael Brosowski & the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation: Hero to Vietnam’s street kids

No, not Mike Wazowski. That’s a character in a Pixar movie. Michael Brosowski, the founder of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, has joined the ranks as one of 2011’s CNN Heroes.

The Conscientious Traveler: Enjoy Southeast Asia While Doing Your Part to End Child Abuse

Because the world is not yet ending and the ultimate moral judgment is not yet upon us, humankind now has some latitude for leisure. Let the summer vacation planning commence. If you’re heading to Southeast Asia, try traveling the ChildSafe way.