Chef Chris Yeo Modernizes Asian Cuisine at SINO: A “Toast of the Town” with Lana Huyen

The first of a new monthly series, A Toast of the Town with Lana Huyen! For the series opener, Lana takes you inside SINO restaurant in Santana Row and shows you a glimpse of the man behind the menu, Chef Chris Yeo.

Poison in our food, Bot Ngot?

People like food, especially in this country, where unfortunately some people love it too much. Everyone likes to eat something different, exotic-sounding, foreign cheese, wines, caviars, but does anyone really want an amino acid? Monosodium Glutamate, commonly known as MSG, is a chemical addition found in many foods to ameliorate the taste. Have you ever […]

How funky is Rachel Ray’s Phunky Pho?

You can bet that we at OVN love pho as much as Anthony Bourdain does. Please enjoy this interesting article written by Andrea Nguyen at I’m traveling right now in Asia, tasting and talking to lots of locals about street food, ingredients, and culture. Back in the States, my old friend Simon B. gave […]

Plays + Coffee = Dream Come True

What’s one thing that HCMC has that SF doesn’t? Drama Cafes. Cafes are no longer just study spots with caffeine and soothing music. In Vietnam, they are transforming into destinations for the purpose of bringing art and theater to everyday people. Painting exhibitions, live music, films, and lectures have been popular in the past, but now, […]

Journey Through the Asian Kitchen, A Culinary Expedition of Vietnam

Do you like to eat food? Do you like to eat Vietnamese food… do you like to eat really good Vietnamese food? Well, we know a place that will satisfy all your Vietnamese food cravings. OneVietnam is the proud sponsor of The Asian Culinary Association’s “Journey Through the Asian Kitchen, A Culinary Expedition of Vietnam” […]