Vegan Dishes You Wouldn’t Believe

When most people hear the term “vegan,” they immediately think of hippies eating nothing but tasteless raw vegetables. That is not the case when it comes to Vietnamese vegan foods at all or—do an chay. Most Vietnamese who are vegans, whether completely or just on special days, are so for religious reasons. Before continuing on, […]

Traditional and Conventional Agriculture, an Economic Perspective

Before the dominance of conventional agriculture, food was grown using natural fertilizers and could be considered primarily organic; this method came to be known as traditional agriculture. Conventional agriculture, which involves techniques using certain non-organic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, gained a strong foothold due to the claim of higher crop yields at lower costs […]

Practical Culture: Have Your Spring Roll and Eat It Too!

The hot, lazy days of summer are in full swing and social calendars are heating up – BBQs, hotpots, picnics …   How do you add some refreshing and healthy Vietnamese flavors to your parties?  Spring roll it it UP! Also known as “goi cuon”, spring rolls have always been somewhat understated, often overshadow by her […]

Bourdain Loves Vietnam, OneVietnam Loves Him Too

Anthony Bourdain returns to “his favorite place on Earth,” Vietnam, on the upcoming No Reservation episode on Monday, March 29. During his last visit, he seriously considered moving to Vietnam. This time, Anthony Bourdain is taking his show to Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Vietnamese Coffee – Where Would You Drink It?

We all know Vietnamese coffee is the “bestest”, but where and how people enjoy it is another whole different story.

Bourdain cannot live without Vietnamese PHO

By Guest Blogger: Quynh Vo, a Public Health Sciences graduate of University of California Irvine.  Quynh loves cooking and sharing her knowledge about different cuisines. Every country has at least one signature dish that is recognizable by many. Anything from pad thai to Spanish paella to Indian curry, signature dishes are exemplary of a country’s […]