Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Have You Taken a Look at Your 2012 Horoscope?

To our dear readers,

We wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year full of good times with your family and friends.

2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, so here’s a rundown of everyone’s horoscopes, summarized from Check out the website if you want something more in depth.

Dragon: Dragons, it’s your year. You can expect 2012 to be full of both crests and troughs. Career-wise, expect a gradual shift in your priorities–most likely for the better. You might find yourself in a new or an entirely career, just be sure to put yourself out there. Your romantic outlook is looking quite positive; you might even find the one if you’re looking for something serious. Otherwise, there’ll likely be a lot of fun flings throughout the course of the year. Just be sure to schedule some rest time amidst all the fun. Dragons tend to be social, but don’t forget to take care of your health. For the health of your wallet as well, be sure to budget wisely and set limits for yourself. It’s your year, but luck is finite, so have some prudence.

Monkey: “12 out of 12 favorable months this year? That’s right — it’s time for the Monkey to shine!” predicts In work, if you’re proactive about your career, you’ll have big payoffs this year. In love, 2012 is the year for new beginnings, so it might be a good year for you to start a family, get engaged, or begin a new serious romance. In health, you’ll be especially vibrant this year, so pick up a sport or embrace the outdoors and live it up. In wealth, like the dragon, you should also practice some restraint. You’ll most likely have a lucrative year, but practicing some modesty can put you ahead.

Rooster: It should be a better year than 2011. Focus on self-improvement; it could be a lackluster year in your career if you don’t take some initiative. Your romantic life should reach new dimensions in that an existing romance may mature, or a particularly memorable new one could start. Water favors the rooster, but your mental and physical may go into flux sometimes during the year. Embrace excerise to keep yourself alert and fit. A sound mind in a sound body. The first half of 2012 may seem a little stale in your wealth prospects, but the second half of the year should be a lucrative one.

Dog: It’s all about timing this year. You’ll have one especially stellar month, two pretty good months, and 9 okay months, so approach the year with a bit of reserve and save the risks for later years. It may be a slow year in the romantic department, but you can take this time to focus on finding yourself. In that regard, try to find some positive physical/mental outlet for yourself, like meditating or picking up a sport. It could be a year of anxiety otherwise. You might want to practice extra caution with your finances this year too. Chin up, Dogs!

Pig: It’s full speed ahead for pigs this year. Your career looks bright, granted you take some initiative. Your love life looks to be a passionate one, but do be careful of sizzling out. Your health looks wonderful, but don’t forget to pencil in some alone time to recoup. Your bank account looks like it’ll fatten up this year too. It’s okay to indulge a bit, but best to save some too.

Rat: One of the best years of your life? Maybe! In short: career, romance, health and wealth–you’re going to shine, kiddo.

Ox: It could be a spotty year for you, but no need to panic. There are at least three good months coming your way. Learn how to adapt in your working life, and be bold in your relationships. It’ll pay off. Like all the other animals of the zodiac thus far, embrace excercise and be strategic in your spending.

Tiger: The mighty tiger’s most favorable element is water, so it looks like nine months of good fortune are in store for the tiger this year. Work life will liven up if you learn to make friends with people whose relationship with you might’ve been sour in the past. “It could lead to a lucky partnership or business deal,” say the writers at Your love life should be a passionate one this year, but be sure to find some alone time for yourself to keep your health in good stride. Your finances, on the other hand, will likely require extra prudence.

Cat: Cat is the one animal that differs between the Vietnamese and Chinese zodiac, with Rabbit in its stead on the Chinese calendar. So…sorry we haven’t been able to find your horoscope yet! But a little mystery should spice things up a bit, right?

Snake: Snakes, your year won’t come until 2013, but you’re still looking at 10 favorable months in 2012. Your career might seem like its hit a rough patch or slowed, but perserverance pays off! Keep it at and something good will come your way. Be sure to stay aware of all your opportunities. 2013 could also be a defining year in your romantic life, so be excited for whatever comes your way. You’ll need to take extra care of your body this year, and you’ll also need to stay on the conservative side with your finances.

Horse: Like the snake, you’ve got 10 good months coming at you in 2012. Take advantage of them. You might get that big promotion you’ve been pining for, but be sure to practice humility and don’t get too brash. In romance, be open to change: if you’ve been a fickle one in the past, consider settling down. If you’re single, have fun with dating but know that some things might burn out. Focus on some more meditative type of activities, rather than high-intensity physical activity. Likewise, act wisely with your money, instead of spending big.

Goat: 2012 might not be your best year, but that’s no reason to fret. Be mindful of your work life and take initiative. Your love life might appear sour at points, but don’t afraid to confide in family and friends and listen to your heart. Engage in physical activities that allow you to contemplate and reflect, rather than something that merely tires you out. A conservative approach to your finances would probably be best this year. After 2012,  you’ve got three good years coming your way!

Regardless of what your horoscope says, know that your destiny is in your own hands! *cue inspirational Pokemon music*  Good luck friends!

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