Current lack of jobs for Vietnamese graduates

11.02.09 – In the current economic downturn, many Vietnamese face unemployment problems, among them are the recent college graduates. Many recent graduates fail to find jobs that fit their college trainings and must accept any job available to them including delivering, receptionist, or tutoring while waiting for other opportunities to come.

Students in the social science majors seem to face the most difficulties in job-seeking. According to Vietnamnet Bridge, a local newspaper:

“Phan Thi My Chi graduated from the accounting course of a junior college three months ago.  She intends to stay in HCM City ‘at any cost’. Chi has applied to work for many companies but none have interviewed her.

“I graduated with good marks, but I do not have experience, while companies all require relevant work experience,” she said.  For now, Chi is assembling footwear for a company at Linh Trung Export Processing Zone while waiting for other opportunities.

The students know well that the opportunities to find professional jobs in the cities are slim. Many agencies and companies have a policy of only employing those whose residence book (ho khau) shows they have the right to reside permanently in the locality.  Other companies set high requirements on degrees, appearance and experience of candidates. However, the students still cherish their hope.”

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