I’m nothing of a fashionista, and this is not a fashion blog.  On most days, I go around looking like I’ve just emerged from a four-hour proctored exam, or a swamp.  My mother is constantly threatening to nominate me for that slightly obnoxious wardrobe fix-up show What Not to Wear, and my hair is in a perpetual state of messy.  Despite my lack of personal style though, I think I can still recognize sartorial elegance when I see it, and Melanie Utzmann Huynh definitely has that elegance going on.

image credits to madele.blogspot.com

Melanie Huynh was a junior editor at the ever influential Vogue Paris under Carine Roitfield, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris who left the magazine in December 2010.   From what I’ve read, Melanie is half-Vietnamese, half-French, and she also left Vogue Paris recently to work as a freelance stylist.  Nevertheless, she remains a perennial favorite in the fashion world, sitting front row at top fashion shows and showing up as a frequent subject on fashion blogs.

You can check out some of the editorials Melanie styled at fashiongonerogue.com, and a short interview with the NYT here.  Gorgeous, don’t you think?  Maybe Vogue readers can tell us more about Melanie, and who she’s styling for lately.

Image from Street Peeper
Image from Lesmads
Image from Stockholm Streetstyle
image from Stockholm Streetstyle

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  1. I just thought of an article about Asian trending in the modeling world and you wrote about it! Hopefully I can find another aspect it 😀 Great article about Vietnamese people in Fashion!

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