Help HCSV Keep This Family’s Educational Dreams Alive

This Season of Giving, you can double your impact by helping some of the great NGOs on OneVietnam Network with their matching grant challenges. As part of a holiday special, the NGOs are sharing their thoughts and reasons for dedicating themselves to Vietnam’s poor with you. Check out this post from Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HCSV) and donate to their matching grant challenge today!

It’s Tuesday morning in Minnesota, and at HSCV we’re working extremely hard to meet our OneVietnam Matching Grant Challenge. We’re 69% of the way towards meeting our goal and with less than four days left, there is still plenty to do. Can you help us give the gift of Education this Holiday Season?

In many countries around the world, education is a fundamental part of childhood. Think back to your own school years and consider the friends you made, the adventures you had, and the opportunities you created. These experiences are central to the person you are; they shaped your social skills, your confidence and your knowledge of the world. Education helps us grow into adulthood. Of course, this is only part of the picture; education is also practical. It increases the chance of finding work and a stable source of income.

Kanh and his family

At HSCV, we believe firmly in the right of a child to attend school and we apply this philosophy to all of our programs. Despite living in a country that places such high regard in education, many Vietnamese families are forced to take their young children out of schools so that they can help provide another source of income. Last week we introduced Bang Ngo and her son Khanh. Khanh left school to prevent his family from starving. In the short term, it was the only option he had. In the long term, Khanh will find it very difficult to find anything but the most basic and low-paying work. Our mission is to help students like Khanh stay in school.


Manh is eleven years old. His family lives in a dilapidated house at the foot of a mountain. When it rains, the house floods with water. There are holes in the roof and winter is a miserable time for Manh’s family. Manh’s parents don’t earn a lot of money and their future might seem grim. Yet, thanks to generous contributions, Manh has been able to stay in school. He is popular with both teachers and friends, and has a burning desire to complete high school, so that he might find a decent job that supports his parents. Success begins with opportunity; Manh was given the opportunity to dream about a better future for his family and he has taken that opportunity with a huge grin!

At HSCV, we wish to give this opportunity to all young children; however, we can’t do it without your support. There are still many families with children needing that once chance to succeed. The Vu family desperately wishes to keep their son Khanh in school. Khanh likes studying Literature and Math. He has his own little study desk and he sits at it, completing his homework while there is still enough light. We are currently looking for a scholarship to keep Kanh in school. We want him to have the best chance possible of improving his family’s fortunes in the long term and we’re hoping that you’ll be able to help us.

There are four days left in our Matching Grant Challenge. Anything that you donate in the next four days will be doubled, up to our $2500 goal. You can make a contribution as a gift for that special person who understands how important education is for young children, knowing that your gift is delivering twice the potential. That thought makes us all excited at HSCV and we hope that it makes you excited as well. Remember, any contribution means the world to us and we welcome gifts as little as a dollar. Happy Holidays from all of us at HSCV and thanks for making a difference!

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