Michelle PhanMichelle Phan is a Vietnamese-descent make-up guru of Youtube, current spokesperson for Lancome, and creator of her own beauty product line, IQQU Beauty International. Her art and beauty inspiration began at the early age of five.  In an interview with Stephanie Hayes of Times, Michelle recalls a fond memory creating a Halloween mask. Her family was living on food stamps then and was unable to afford princess costumes that her other classmates could. Instead, she made her own mask by creatively using red lipstick to blend a crimson nose center and sketching a face on a paper plate [1] . From here, Michelle Phan learned to make something out of nothing. This artistic creativity was the making of her success today.

Now at the age of 22, she is a self-made businesswoman and beauty coach of Youtube, producing over 81 make-up tutorial videos totaling 119,090,450 views. Her most popular tutorials title, “Romantic Valentine Look”, “Brighter Larger Looking Eyes”, “Makeup For Glasses”, “Mysterious Masquerade Look”, and “Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial.” Her acclaimed success and popularity opened her into the spotlight of the fashion industry. Within the last year, Phan brought her talent backstage as a make-up artist for Chris Benz, New York Fashion Week 2009 and Michael Kors Spring 2010 Collection. Her vision also inspired a Canadian doctor and scientist to partner with her in the creation of her IQQU International Beauty skincare line.

Phan’s reputable image in the art and beauty industry has earned her a place in Vogue’s March issue celebrating the top web bloggers and sensations of our current day. Phan stands next to ten other self-made celebrities to share their story of passion, motivation, and inspiration. This was Vogues first-of-its-kind article featuring the fashion blogging world. Other Michelle Phan features include; Seventeen Magazine (August 2009), St. Petersburg Times (August 23, 2009), Sun Sentinel (August 24, 2009), popular blog BellaSuga (April 19, 2009), and Chilean newspaper for her Barbie video.

Michelle Phan stands as a proud Vietnamese American descent. But her story and pursuit of dreams reaches beyond the community to encourage all to never think small, but beyond.  In September of 2008, Phan took her career a step further by aiding a charity fashion show, “Fashion for Compassion” dedicated to raising awareness to a Tampa sexual assault case. Her philanthropic work leads an example of a giving and compassionate nature. For Michelle Phan the future only gets bigger and brighter.

Source: St. Petersburg Times.

A Classy Woman -A timeless Valentines Make-up Tutorial:

Rare look at Michelle showing her Vietnamese skills:

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  1. I am a guy and I hold nothing against her, but after I watched couple of her videos I noticed how unnatural and fake Michelle Phan is! Her voice, her smile is very unnatural. I respect the fact that she’s a self made young lady but still being yourself could’ve earned you double what you achieved now.

    1. i completely agree with you. you have a point and i also do not have anything against her its just something i noticed as well.:)

    2. I notice about that too when I first watch her stuff and later on I read some of her blogs and it’s obivous she isn’t that of a nice person. She made fun of Micheal Jackson before and made a poster about making fun of him and once after he died she said she cried that he died and he mean more than the king of pop to her and blame the joke poster as a school project. She is nothing but a fake and bully.

  2. i don’t like girls who need too much makeup to look decent like Michellephan.I can’t stand the way she fake her voice too.Having a fake girl like that around for 1hr,she would drive me nut!My girlfriend only wears really light makeup and it help her look good in a natural way.So if Michelle doesn’t wear makeup,what does she look like?She always looks like a cake to me,and her highheels…spoken up how short she is.Should she be more real,not all that fake?

    1. she’s is a makeup artist, of cuz she need to wear make up man, geez , go get a life, you’re a man but you’re too gossip , wat the pho hahha

      1. She wasn’t a make-up artist when she started wearing make-up. In my opinion she isn’t a real make-up artist since she has so much limitation in her make-up styles. So far she only show us she can only do good make-up on her own face. When she did it for others it was just a Bad Fail. Example the behind the scene of Late Night Alumni: finally found. Also she double dip make-up especially lip gloss which is a big no no for professional make-up artist.

      2. A makeup artist needs to be licensed and must be able to perform makeup on different clients’ face,Michelle can only do her own and her work is not even good.She photoshop her pictures to look completely different from her real person.She can only do makeups on herself so she can’t be called a makeup artist.

  3. Ehhh,Michellephan looks better when she doesn’t smile.Her nose job can be done better than that.All i want to say is after that much makeup,she still doesn’t look beautiful at all.When girls wear too strong makeup with fake lashes,it only make them look cheap,a colorful face like how Michelle wears just makes her look like a clown!Ready for circus,Michelle?Guys who named her beauty queen must have very bad taste about girl’s looks!Hahaha,I’m a guy who won’t let names,pics,vids,sweet talks or makeup fool me!Girls who need that much helps from makeup just simply cuz they’re not naturally beautiful !Hope she won’t talk at all in her vids from now on cuz she sounds trying too hard to be sweet,too phony and boring to both guys or girls.She should read and take comments seriously if she wants to improve her skills.Accept the truth is a big help for improment!(Guys are in where ever we hear there’s pretty girl ,just to look!)

    1. if ur really a guy, then u should reconsider what u just said, never know a guy could say gossip about such things … u don’t even know her in person, what r u to say she’s a phony? all of u who say negative things about her are just one big box of jealousy…what if she sounds like that, looks like that and smiles like that? please, try filming urself and show it to the world, she’s an artist, not actress

      1. What does she really have for anyone to be jealous about.: All the dirty money she makes selling craps to the young girls?All the stupid materials she bought to show off with that kind of money?

        Let’s face it,this girl has no talent nor education,even if her beauty is real,how long will it stay with her?She tricks her look with makeup and photoshop.Don’t use the word JEALOUSY to defend a low class girl like her.It’s the truth,you just have to accept it.

      2. Thank you, TEEBEE. I think you’re absolutely right. Further, low-class is the last thing one could call her. She’s a self-made woman who went from growing up on food stamps to beig able to innovatively provide for herself. And also, yeah she’s a make-up artist to those of you who said otherwise. Did you not read the article? She works behind the scenes doing make-up at New York Fashion Week. How much more do you need to “qualify” as a make-up artist.
        Her art is inspirational, and she’s not a phoney just because she talks in a soft voice. Plenty of people have naturally demure voices.
        Lastly, she doesn’t “sell crap” to young girls. She was making videos long before she endorsed any company, and she frequently reminds her viewers that there are cheaper alternatvies to overpriced department store make-up. You obviously didn’t do your research before you made these accusations. A lot of the stuff that people are bitching about on this page is just plain false.

      3. She is a dropped out from art school,not an artist.She put videos on youtube supposed to be for fun,she is not licensed to be a makeup artist,and her makeup skill is not good enough to be one.She is a bad example for young girl to learnfrom her to be greedy,dishonest,materialistic and lack of humidity.You should stop using the word “jealous” because there are so many talented Vietnamese singer,actors,actress,fashion, designers who are so admired and be so proud by Vietnamese community even when some of them are not fortunated to get to go to school but they are so humble and self respect,and so they are respected by fans and Vietnamese community.

        I went to an event and saw Dustin Nguyen with his wife,she was on the wheel chair and he showed me how a wonderful and devoted husband he is to his unfortunated beautiful wife,I’m very proud of him.There are many famous Vietnamese entertainers communicate to their fans in a very honest and humble…

        Michelle Phan is an attention whore,she doesn’t have true talent.She cheats ppl to make money to fulfill her greediness.Her short time of fame won’t last,the dirty money she makes from selling bad products cant buy good reputation and you should not defend a nastyand nonstop bragging person like her.If you want me to prove to you,you just need to go through the internet and find…non of Vietnamese artors,actresses,singesr,youtubers being bash but Michelle Phan!There’s got to be something real wrong about her.

  4. Let’s cool down,men!She is on Youtube as a fun entertaiment.I enjoy the one she stuck her tongue out to leak…Of course,she’s fake and unnatural and all what u said,but if she changes,it’s not going to be so fun to watch!Leave her alone,we don’t learn make up from her and watch for free,NO COST,NO LOST!

  5. Hey,are u guys Vietnamese like me?I went through the blogs of” Michellphan” is fake and read all the girls comments,i thing this chick is more fake than we know.Man,she’s not an innocent babe at all.I read Vietnamese blog and the guys have a ball in many blogs,i’ll try to search out more for fun.Some guys said her staring eyes and that voice got them to run to the bathroom to masturbate while i see nothing hot about her.Sorry,maybe in Vietnam those guys are too desperated for sex.I’m allergic to fake boops so she’s not all of that at all.I like girls with makeup on but if she abuses it like Michelle,i can’t even feel coming close to that face.Yeah,i do go online if i heard of a hot girl,but with the way Michelle acts,i’d rather go to x blogs than watching her trying to mix things up!If i have to go out with a girl acting like her and wear that much makeup,i will tell her to wipe it off before we go somewhere!One night stand is enough for me with Michell!

    1. Man that is pretty funny Jay. “one night stand is enough for me with Michelle.” I am a girl and I used to be subscribed to her. Something about her creepy voice and fake smile was always a little disconcerting. And I am a makeup artist, and she needs a lot more training to do.

    1. She still looks pretty in those pictures, she was much younger then also.
      And comparing her to many other Asian girls, she is pretty with or without makeup.
      Why do you think she’s so popular?

      ANYWAY, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if someone said those things about you.

  6. Ohhh,what do u really find special in this girl,i don’t know how she became a big deal being so short and fake.I think if more guys come check her out,she got more hit and make mony on youtube.Even i’m a Viet guy,i have to be fair to say : NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS GIRL!I feel that she cleverly lure guys to be curios to see how she looks like to get the countstat running.We all did,right.Her lucky time should go away for many real talent girls,Youtube shouldn’t list the ones she LEAKS and show her kegs all the way up there to cuz guys hitting on as a trick.they should put those to other channels stretch shoes is not makeup.she show about GLOVES like a body show,that’s not makeup, either.I thing this chick will do all for money.She doesn’t look classy at all.

  7. She lies a lot. She claims that she is poor. Boo who. But she goes to the most expensive school, drive a new car, has a pretty nice apartment for a college kid, indulges herself with video games, gadgets, designer clothes and makeup and all this before she ever made it big. I don’t for one minute believe in her sob story that she uses to gain everyone’s sympathy. She doesn’t deserve to be where she is at. Her grammar is horrendous for somebody that went to school and grew up in the states. In the real world she would not make it, and employers would not even look at her twice. She’s a spoil girl that know how to cleverly market herself and use her looks to get what she wants.

    1. She brag a lot about what she has. Before she was popular on YouTube in 2006 she brag about having 3 razor cell phones. She even brag about how cool her school is that it by the beach with great view of the sun set. She brags about what gifts guys gifts her and how expensive it is.

  8. She’s nothing to be proud about!If she always has to fake and trick to make men has dirty ideas to click on her vids to get where she’s at..Girls who post pics as hers have very low self respect and it’s shown she knew her skills isn’t good so she get helps that way to earn money and get ahead of other real talend makeup gurus.To be fair to say:She doesn’t deverve her place as the best youtube makeup guru with all the dirty tricks she uses to get men’s attention to get high hits.

  9. I’ve found a world wide websites that holds alot of true informations about Michelle Phan,the blog called: RICEBUNNY AKA MICHELLE PHAN IS A ATTENTION WHORE,I had such good laughs and found so many true things about her,That just simply means:DON’T LET THE GIRLS ONLINE FOOL YOU!This blog took me through alot of proofs how Michelle Phan got where she’s at on YOUTUBE while she’s such a plain looking Vietnamese girl.Just search that title to read for fun,man!

  10. Just look at how she jumped from one guy to another and love to take gifts from them to show off on internet,you should know she will dump the boyfriend if another guy offer better deasl.She’s not pretty being Viet girl,I can tell she’s mixed with Thai,Lao or Combodia because she doesn’t look pure Viet.lol.I saw her new Fuck yeah Michellephan,if my girlfriend does that and post breasts and full legs to public like that to call men’s attention,I will know she give a shit about the relationship with me!

  11. Yes,i feel bad that Michelle went too far to advertise herself as a makeup guru.All girls wamt to look attractive but not the ways she expose herself in SOME pictures and under FUCK YEAH MICHELLE PHAN.We’re all Vietnamese and i don’t mean to bash her but what she does to herself is extremely low class!And if you said she doesn’t take her boyfriend seriously for doing that?As a girl,I would say if he doesn’t try to convince or get upset when she posts those pictures then he doesn’t take her body seriously as he’s only using her for some purpose!My boyfriend would talk me out of things like that SO I KNOW HE LOVES ME AND CARES FOR MY REPUTATION!

  12. I think Michelle is not so skillful to be a makeup artist because she only do ok on her own face and most girls can do better and more natural than her!Lancome only see the hit count and believed she can sell whatever she advertised.Yes she could,but not anymore because she is too greedy to keep the value of her words so if you check all the blogs,you will see all the comments about how greedy and dishonest she is.Business people all need trusts from clients but she ruined it.Be a successful woman isn’t as important as a kindhearted and honest person,the way she changes in relationship show me she doesn’t take anything serious.She just moved in with a boyfriend last November but changed for another guy in March and moved to La now.and i can see she still hasn’t stopped looking for men’s attentions by posting all those cheap pictures to show us that she doesn’t have confidence in career without the help of showing guys her body for extra support because they go on her twitter to flirt with her.She ruined herself,because i’ve seen all complaints about her and she posts old compliments to cover up!Being a Vietnamese woman,i hope she stop making men think all women need to do the same to be successful!Anyway,.I think her makeup style don’t suit Lancome products!

  13. Michelle Phan is all for the money after being known as a YOUTUBE popular makeup guru.The girl seems to look up too high about herself as she is the hottest celebrity,i can tell you that the public and her subscribers have been very disappointed toward her attitute for trying to run too fast to get there with her…short legs!hahahahaha…She hasn’t learned how to be real famous:The audience and fans put you there so they can bring you back to where you start anytime if you make them feel fed up with your behavior.She’s not all that much as she praises herself all over the internet.Sorry to say this,but other makeup gurus are more beautiful,natural,classier and polite in their speech and acting with better make up technics.Michelle Phan is full of fake as a big scam in every area of her life.Just like,she only post compliments and hide all complaints.YOUTUBE shouldn’t grade them with the number of hits because hitting her vids doesn’t mean we all like and agree in what she shows.

  14. wow, all of you guys have issues.
    how can you insult somebody so much without even knowing her? it’s so disgraceful of what all you guys have to say about michelle. i mean yea, i watch her vids and i think she’s a beauty. you guys should think about what you write before posting it up because it can really hurt someone like say michelle. she’s a successful young women, and what about you guys. well it’s obvious that you guys are low people because your criticizing a person who has everything that you guys don’t so ha in your face. sheesh. the last thing she needs is a bunch of critisizers.
    yea, bring on the mean cmmts for me.

    1. Well I’m a girl a I don’t know her in person but judging from what she write in her blogs she is a liar and a hypocrite. She made fun of Michael Jackson by creating a joke poster of him and once he died she said he mean more than the king of pop to her and she cried because he died. And she blame the joke poster as a school project. This mean it’s not her fault that she ever made fun of him because the school made her do it. Bullshit. This bitch is evil. She try to make people think she is deep by saying a few heart felt words but she is a fucking liar. Also she does brag a lot about shit she has and act poor at the same time. How is it not obvious she is fake.

  15. The truths always hurt someone when said!For Michelle Phan,she is a bad influence for young girls,what THISLADY expects ppl having to say about her?Fraud business by using her young subscribers and fans’ trust to sell them bad products from Thailand without FDA approval and encouraged them to use serious prescribtion drugs is not something for anyone to be pround about.She does all what ppl said so THISLADY should just read it and know when a comment is written,it should be honest and true!I’m sorry but i have to agree with them about her in many things they said.

    1. The FDA does not perform any testing on make-ups or even sunscreen, so even the mainstream makeup brands also lack any federal testings…shocking isnt?

  16. How is she such an influential Vietnamese-American when she acts like she’s Japanese 99.9% of the time?

    1. True true. I never once see a video of her doing anything vietnamese related. Alway Japanese from Japanese inspired make up and beauty tips to Japanese music constantly playing. for her Asian pride video everything was Japanese related from katana sword, sake to sushi. Where is the Vietnamese pride.

  17. LOL ren!

    I didn’t realize she was that popular till I saw her on Yahoo with the illegal circle lens. I don’t know. But something about her comes across as fake. I don’t really know her but I’ve followed her blog in the past. She did some false advertising for Erabelle. She deleted all the commercials she did for them. She got a lot of heat for that since she did not try the product but promoted it anyways and misled her viewers/subscribers to believe that she did. I think she’s a pretty girl and that’s what made her popular. Might as well write a post for Tila Tequila as well. 😛

  18. okay, so yea, i know lots of you guys disagree with me. i don’t get it, why are you guys so disapproving of her? her IQQU brand make up that she came up with is fda or whatever it is approved. the doctor that she worked with is a canadian dermatologist. so before you start saying anything stupid towards me saying that im an idiot or whatever you guys should check your resources. if you don’t like her then don’t watch her and criticize her work idiots. simple as that.
    oh, and what’s with this fraud business thingy? like i care.

    1. Working with Canadian dermatologist does not mean her iqqu products is FDA approved. Also her iqqu products is made in Thailand. Have you ever heard of a good skin care product made in Thailand. Most high end products are made in u.s. Canada, japan, europe. Thailand isn’t very tight on safety regulation. For the price she is offering for her products you can spend it on high brands that is fda approve and with high reviews by loyal customers for many years. Also a better return policy because you can’t return her stuff if you open it even if it gives you hives and break out in rashes.

  19. This Lady,if u said don’t like her don’t watch her.I want to say to u if u don’t like it don’t come back to read this blog.we have the right to disapprove her as a Viet talent cuz she’s a scam in many false infomation she gave to ppl even about herself.if she has a mixed sister at that age then her mother didnot stay single to raise her as she claimed.she doesn’t know a real talents are everywhere and your family situation is not asked or need to be cared for so lying about it helped her to get ppl support then found out she didn’t deserve it.

  20. This Lady,if u said don’t like her don’t watch her.I want to say to u if u don’t like it don’t come back to read this blog.we have the right to disapprove her as a Viet talent cuz she’s a scam in many false infomation she gave to ppl even about herself.if she has a mixed sister at that age then her mother didnot stay single to raise her as she claimed.she doesn’t know a real talents are everywhere and your family situation is not asked or need to be cared for so lying about it helped her to get ppl support then found out she didn’t deserve it.

    1. ur such a loser, if u hated her so much, why would u even bother to study about her, watch her videos and take ur time to insult her …go do something better like say, get a life? I didn’t know this blog has so many MP’s haters. I’m glad i took my time to read u guys’ comments and i have to say “get a life losers”

      1. Michelle Phan is a loser for exposing her body to call attention from men! and because she has low education,she cheats ppl to make money on that harmful IQQU products that ruined so many young girls skin.She needs to go to school for another way to earn money,she’s the one who needs to get a life!

  21. She’s not that pretty as you see her Lancome pics that showed the truth about her skin,she pile up white powder on her face while her neck is dark skin,lousy trick!She really is a bad influence for her subscribers and viewer.Thislady,are u a lady?I know u’r not!

  22. It’s sad that she advertised herself so much more than a Viet girl with such a low knowledge like her but dare saying anything as long as she make money.She shows off so much that ppl feel throw up look at her and listen to what she says about herself now.I think This Lady is Michell Phan or her boyfriend wrote that comment.This lady should know that i don’t have to know her as a friend,just know her through what SHE SAID AND DONE is good enough for me to see she’s exactly how many ppl commented about her all over the internet.Nobody has to feel bad when they speak up the truths that provided by her own mouth that became false and lies.She is an evil woman who fools the young girls to get reach.Her fame now is known in a bad ways so why do we Vietnamese be proud of and have nice things to say about.

  23. She’s not deserved those recognation cuz she did nothing but advertised herself to be known.She does not have makeup talent but drawing her face in different weird ways to get attention so ppl curious and want to see what she does.Lancome’s pics answered her skin and all the scares and nasty large pores and pimples she has.She’s the first Viet scam girl who spread lies and dangerous products,she also gave bad advices to the young girls around the world about the use of drugs in illegal ways.She exposes her body to call men attentions so she deserves all those comments wrote by those viewers,it’s not their faults because she invites them to see her body in bed as sex advertisements.She is a low class woman for being a facial makeup guru on youtube.I have never seen anyone who lies as much as Michelle Phan.

  24. Michelle isn’t honest and she shows herself and over advertises to make herself sounds more famous than she really is.I don’t trust her act and her voice sound too pretending, she always tries to expose her body in pictures to call male’s attention while we knew she is very short and her body is fake that it makes her look like she has kids.I think after read these comments she will change and post different pictures but her images and reputation are already damaged.I can’t see any attractive thing about this girl as she already showed too many tricks and lies to make money.Lancome has chosen an unnatural beauty model and spokesperson, and through the pictures they posted that brought their products down for how bad her real skin is.The wild makeups she shows are only to watch for fun but i think no girl should wear those crazy makeup looks.I’m a guy who clicked on to see how she is because i was attracted by her pictures then found nothing much about her to be impressed!

  25. Not because she’s Vietnamese that we all have to rave about her when she’s nothing but tricks!She’s not talented and naturally pretty even after she uses alot of tricks for her picture and vids to look that way.She’s a slutty girl who show her dirty looking pictures to call attention to get ahead of other real talents.This Lady needs to know she got all the same comments all over other blogs!I really feel upset with her attitute and how greedy and material extravegant she shows off on her own with all kinds of money she makes with bad stuffs she sells to young ppl.She is a scam!

  26. I reckon most of you in here with the negative comments are Vietnamese; and I also realize that Vietnamese people like to bash and tarnish other Vietnamese people who have something going for them. It’s in our nature, is it not? I think it’s really sad and pathetic. Well, I beg to differ.

    1. Not true,I have seen many super sucessful and famous Vietnameses who are so admired because they are honest and not greedy or brag about materials.They don’t trick ppl to be rich.No one can love a person who lies and fools young girls to make money then constantly shows off how she enjoys luxury while the ones who bought her harmful products suffer the bad results.Yes,we are all Vietnameses but that doesn’t mean we have to rave or cover up for someone to do wrong things.Actually,she belongs to Japan or Thailand,not Vietnam!

    2. I love how you just stereotyped Vietnamese people in one statement. Wow. Lol. That was really rude.

  27. @Reader. I’m also Vietnamese and I also believe that Vietnamese people also dislike and/or hate people who brag. Nobody likes người nổ. Humility is much more admired and respected than someone who constantly boost and gloat and shove their success into other people’s face. If you beg to differ please back it up as to why. I myself dislike her because she likes to brag constantly 24/7 and she’s very nhiều chuyện. Just go read her tweets, you’ll see why. Pizza flown in from NY, please. She constantly bragging about her charity work. I’m sure she makes hundreds of thousands a year but made such a big deal about her measly $35 a month donation to charity while purchasing $12,000 leather jacket. This kind of disgusts me. I’m happy for her success because I’m Vietnamese too but her behavior disappoint me and honestly make other Viet girl look bad. Anyways she wants to be Japanese than she does Vietnamese. So as far as presenting Vietnamese she’s far from it and I would not want her to.

  28. I 100% agree with MyLan,there are soooo many other Vietnamese who are so smart and famous but they are so humble and knowing that exaggerate themselves through bragging is for the low class,non-educated people.

    We are proud to be hard working and learning from others to earn living.Michelle Phan goes around stealing ideas from people and don’t credit them to brag like she got a brain that “know everything”!She has an attitutude of a street girl for how she dress to expose herself and flirt to men to gain her views on Youtube.She is a Youtube whore.

    Have you ever seen anyone walking around wearing those wild and crazy,ugly makeups like Michelle Phan ?

    If your answer is NO,what did she do right to be raved as a makeup talent?

    If your answer is YES,we need proofs and those girls who really walk around with those makeusp,they need to be checked- in to MENTAL HOSPITAL to be treated for mental illness!

    She’s a slut! If you google these websites below,you will find all the truth with proofs that prove she doesn’t deserve to be proud about :

    1/Trash a guru.

    2/Ricebunny aka Michelle Phan is an attention whore.

    You will find out she is nothing but a SCAM visiting those forum.

  29. whatever u say, how much u guys hate her,shes still the centre of the attention.if there is something u can do to stop her from being popular,what the hell are u waiting for.the fact is, NOT A THING!!!!

    1. You defend her in a very pointless way!I don’t care if she keeps on fooling the young girls to be rich and live a lavish life while pretending to be a sweet and sharing person.I know she won’t last because there is said :

      Fool me once,fool me twice,fool me no more!Her days will end soon!

      Her parents should teach her how to be an long lasting successful person,not a 15 minutes flashlight like her,though.

  30. I don’t like her either. She’s a college drop out and like MyLan said, she brags nonstop. I’ve been following her since the beginning and stopped because she’s just so obnoxious now. She feels that she’s better than everyone else. I wished she stayed in school and finished her last year there but instead she dropped out and party nonstop. I’m a bit old fashion. She’s also dating that Carl Choi, some rich guy that owns clubs (strip clubs, I’m not sure.) It’s been only a couple of months since she broke up with her ex but now she’s engaged. I’m not trying to bring her down but she’s doing it perfectly herself. I agree that she doesn’t represent Vietnamese but rather Japanese with her circle lens, Japanese music, sake, anime makeup, …lots of tacky and illegal stuffs. She makes Vietnamese people look bad even if she’s the center of attention, it’s bad attention.

  31. i understand there willo always two version in every aspect,there were pros and cons,but how can u guys being hating her so much?but at the same time u trying to get to know everything about her.how can u wasting an hour in the screen ,find everything that links to her and the last thing u do is hating her again and again.its ok for being jeolous but hater.you guys are hater.u guys have an issue.hater people cannot succeed in their life.

    1. I have better future than her and sure will be successful in a proudly way.Her successful is a trick and fraud to get there.Non-education but rave herself as a professional!That’s false self advertise!Her quick fame is dying down because ppl starting to pull down her mask.She’s a scam.Why do you expect us to be proud of a slutty girls who trick the men to click on her vids to make money?

      Stop using the jealous word because a cheap girl like her has nothing for Viet girls to be jealous about.She does not have any real talents so when ppl find out,she is gone with the wind…hahaha!

      BTW,are you “MIMIESHELL PHAN? hahaha!

      1. She is not liked as you think ppl do.Check the forum TRASH A GURU to find out she is nothing but a piece of trash.

    2. Simple answer: For the same reason people stop to watch a train wreck. It’s sad and tragic, but captures our attention nonetheless.

  32. like i said before,i understand there were pros n cons,but please dear dont hate people that way. if you dont like her just get rid of everything about her.the more u read about her success the more u become hater.end of the day what have u got for yourself?if u think u can successful in a better way than her,prove it,dont wasted ur time think about her

    1. Mimieshelle (I like this name!haha),She is a Vietnamese scam and i have a problem with it.We are here to leave comments and we all agreed about her low value but you.Don’t use the word JEALOUS because she doesn’t have the class and value for us to be.She is a bad influent for the Vietnamese young girls who live in the USA.She cheats young girl’s money to spend and be proud of that,She insults Christian religion.She lies.She pratices skincare without license.She dress like a whore to expose herself to call men’s attention to make money…and those looks are not even real,she photoshop and camtrick her vids.

      What does she have to be proud or jealous about?We only speak up the truths and no one should hide the truths to help the bad ppl to do illegal things.Making money her way is a crime!

  33. I think some of you have no LIVES.

    First off , half of you have crappy grammar which makes me believe your a) an idiot or b) you didn’t finish school. So unless you have, please shut up.
    Secondly, do any of you know her personally? No, then shut the hell up. You all are just going off by something you read/ seen on the internet. Pitiful, believe everything you see/ hear.
    If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all. If you don’t like her, fine, I can’t force you to like her, but please get off your asses and do something productive instead of writing an essay on how ‘fake’ or ‘stupid’ she is.
    I saw the pictures of her before the alleged nose job and she is still cute as a button. Yes, it is jealousy.
    If you weren’t jealous you wouldn’t waste your time hating her. No, I take that back, you can hate her, you just wouldn’t go out of your way to write WHY you dislike her and shoot down everyone who defends her.
    Crap, I swear I thought humanity was better than writing hate about a girl they don’t know personally. I can understand disliking someone, but this is just ridiculous.

    1. If everyone can get away with what Michelle Phan does,than no one need to have real talents,just go cheat and trick around and ppl have to ignore or rave about how clever she is.

      This is Viet page so most of commentor are Vietnamese,English as second language.Michelle Phan doesn’t have the value of a real talent person so what said about her is the truth!How you defend her is so obviously from relative and what you said made me laugh for how you expect ppl to honor a scam girl.

      There are blogs and forums where ppl around the world calling out how Michelle could be so sneaky at such young age.She acts so careless to the public so why do you have to defend her that way?You said we don’t know her in person,so you do,right?If you do,you should know why she is so famous all over the internet for being a scam.What you said can stop ppl to point out who Michelle Phan really is.If you are her friend or relative,you should stop her from doing bad things instead of defending her like that.

      1. You’re an idiot. Secondly, this could have been ronald Mcdonald for all I care, I would have said the same thing.

        There is a HUGE difference in constructive criticism and just plain hating on someone. You all are bringing in her personal life / rumors you’ve heard/ pictures and conversations that could have been EASILY photoshopped into the way she does make up?

        Makes no sense.

        No I DO NOT know Michelle Phan personally, and that’s exactly WHY I HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE HER. hmmm?

        I AM Vietnamese, thank you very much.

      2. So.. When do we get to see these .. .. .. Ahem, exposed photoes of her?
        I see it mentioned like on every fifth post, but no link anywhere.

        I don’t really like all of her videos, especially the recent ones. And I don’t really use Facebook or twitter and all those other thingamajings.. But there is nothing wrong with craving and getting some attention. Even if she might be conceited and whatnot. The simple solution is don’t pay attention to it if you don’t like it.

        Also it’s kinda creepy how some seem to E-stalk her to certain lengths..

    2. That was really rude of you to call out other people on their grammar. “So unless you have, please shut up.” Wow, would you say that to your parents? I don’t know these people personally, but I know what it’s like to be illiterate in English. Can I blame them? These can be “boat people”; when we came to America, our priority certainly wasn’t to learn English.

      “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all.” Don’t try to act like a white knight. Your comment is not nice at all nor does it have good intentions. Don’t try to disguise it by saying it’s CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. It doesn’t mean it’s nice. Am I being nice? I’m criticizing you, aren’t I?

      Since when were we not allowed to have opinions? Oh, so we’re allowed to have opinions but we can’t say them? We should be fake and pretend everything is happy? Just bottle it all up? Because many people are buying products Michelle suggests–and denies she is sponsored by the companies? Wouldn’t you get pissed that you bought a $70 product that this “honest” guru swore by but it ended up making you break out? OH, I forgot, it’s not nice, so we can’t say it at all.

      “No I DO NOT know Michelle Phan personally, and that’s exactly WHY I HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE HER”
      Now you’re talking about rights, when you just constrained the commenters from one?

      I with my family worked our asses off to get into this country that guarenteed us certain FREEDOMS–one being THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

      You are so silly.

      1. i think your english skill have problem:Your comment is “not” nice at all nor does it have good intentions. i think “neither”.Srr

  34. Crappy grammar? Why don’t you tell that to Michelle Phan? LOL. Idiot? You’re assuming. Some people were once her fans and are now ex-fans because Michelle Phan is full of shit. Didn’t finish school? HELLO Michelle Phan is a drop out.

    If we do know her personally, why would we rat out ourselves for people like you and her dumb fans to attack us? Go do your own research. There a load of screen caps on the web. Michelle Phan is shaking in her louie.

    May be you’re just Michelle herself.

      1. What point? This person had a very valid point. You were so evasive so you didn’t have to explain yourself. Haha. You are so ludicrous.

    1. This is not HATE,it is dislike and disqualify!

      She’s putting herself out to the public to be graded,and ppl gave her a low grade because she really doesn’t deserse higher score.That is totally different than HATE,it is public opinions!

      You can have your own opinions about her and grade her as high as you want,but you have no right to make ppl grade her higher than they want to.You can’t change people’s view about her.Michelle is a very low class woman,so you should blame how people look down on her.


    but you know. i’m not quite sure big magazines are willing to feature her in their magazine if she’s a a hoax, a liar, or a plain ‘low class woman.’ and she has been in quite a few.
    i’m quite sure the editors are smarter than that since they’re trying to get people to buy their magazines. who wants to feature a liar in their magazine?

    1. You do know that those magazine don’t really care about who she is as a person but how famous she is. Have you ever wonder why disgusting attention whores like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Tila Tequila, Lindsey Lohan, the girls from the hills, etc. are in all the Magazine. It’s not because they are good people or they are good at acting or being a role models. They are in Magazines because people want to read about them, either they love them or hate them they still want to read about them and it sells the magazines. Some Magazine don’t talk trash about those people but feature them just because of the amount of people who know about them will want to read it. Since Michelle isn’t famous enough the magazines not going to research all the bad stuff about her in blogs and forums. They aren’t even going to put her in the front cover. They don’t have the time to waste on her and she isn’t famous enough for the mass market to care. Michelle Phan only have a small fan base mostly from people who watch youtube. If she actually made it big she would go down hill like Tila Tequila because when Tila was famous on myspace people actually respect her and like her once she was on T.V. people found out what a whore she is a what a horrible person she is. I think if Michelle Phan truly got a T.V. show like she claim she is working on people including magazine industry would try to dig up dirt on her.

      But still if she get anymore famous I believe she would be worst off than Tila Tequila because of many illegal stuff she has done like lying about her IQQU product being dermatologist approve and being FDA approve. False advisement is illegal. I actually look up some of her ingredients in her products and it’s not safe or good for skin. Some of the ingredients she uses in her product are plain cheap and bad for your skin, but she still sell her products in a high end price. Also one of the ingredients I found in her acne serum the FDA actually have a warning alert for the ingredients which is Phenoxyethanol. If you look it up yourself you would know I’m not lying.

      I actually look up IQQU in the Better Business Bureau and nothing shows. If it is a legit company then it would show up. I believe since Michelle is selling IQQU online she is probably not paying Federal taxes for her business and is by passing many regulation laws. If the government actually found out about this they would fine her with a lot of money.

      If she actually get famous the government would fine

    2. This blog is for Vietnameses to grade and vote a real Vietnamese talent while all those businesses or magazines are for marketing to make money.Since she has so many views on youtube they hired her to attract the minions all over the world who don’t know or see what the real Michelle Phan is all about.They don’t even care she is not licensed to practice as a professional makeup artist.

      As long as the innocent minions listen to her brags to buy their products,they’re fine with how ever she is.She has 2 yrs contract with Lancome,they sure will have to use her as their employee and advertise to rave her to get the young girls to buy Lancome until the contract ends.They can’t pay her as agreed in the contract eo do nothing ,right?

      Her skills and reputation suck and she just has been called out all over the internet after they signed contract with her.They are kind of stuck now,I know for sure after ppl found out she sucks,Lancome will know what to do with her when the term of their contract with her is over.

      The comments in here are very honest and fair.She’s not a real talent!Lancome doesn’t need her talent,they ‘re paying for her excellent lying mouth to sell their products!!!

      Just hope the young girls still trust her after being ripped off by her horible IQQU shits.

  36. Unlike you all, I don’t really care about this girl’s personal life or what she’s done or what kind of plastic surgery she had or any of that bs. Neither should you. Don’t like her products? Don’t buy them. Don’t like the way she does make up? Don’t watch it.

    It’s as simple as clicking the ‘X’ on top of your screen.
    I like the way she does make up, (and no, I don’t really care if she’s the one who actually does it or not) therefore I watch her.

    I really don’t have time to meddle and get upset about what a guru does or has done in her personal life, it’s honestly none of my business. That’s why I hate sites like gurugossip or whatever. You have really have to bring yourself to a level of … “nosey-ness” so to say, to really give a crap about someone else’s life that much.

    Just saying, is all.

    1. Ppl have different opinions and you should only keep your own instead of trying to make your points to convince ppl to like her makeup or have the same thingking with yours.If you are the type who won’t spend time on ppl’s business,then keep your own opinions and stop getting in how other commenters think about Michelle Phan.

      We have to watch her vids to know who she is and look into her activities to grade a talent the way we feel and that’s what this comment section is here for.She put herseft to the public view,I didmot come to her house to seek for information about her.Stick with your own opinions and don’t read other’s comments if you can’t agree with them.

      Hope you know how to take your own advice!

      1. You do realize you just contradicted yourself, right? You just told me to ‘stay out of other people’s comments’ yet your commenting on my opinion. No, I was just stating my opinion and what I think personally, you don’t have to do what I say, I don’t expect you to. “Don’t read other people’s comment if you can’t agree with them”. Whoa, Hypocrite much? You obviously don’t agree with MY comment, yet again, here you are reading MY opinion. Please, take your OWN advice before telling me to take MINE.

        Secondly, people are NOT always going to agree. That’s the beauty of opinions and debate. I can do as a please and I can disagree with you if I want to. If everyone agreed with each other all the time, then this world would be a stupid place.

        Thirdly, THAT IS MY OPINION. THAT IS WHAT I THINK. I personally, don’t really give a rat’s butt about what goes on in her personal life, I DON’T. ME. ME. I DON’T CARE. Also, I honestly don’t give a crap if you do.

        Like I said, I was stating my opinion, and I AM allowed to do that, right? Yes, I am.

        I hope YOU KNOW how to take your OWN advice.

  37. As a working makeup artist, I can’t stand Michelle Phan. She doesn’t have any talent or skill that I can see. In several of her videos she even uses the wrong foundation making her face look orange while her shoulders/chest area is lighter/paler.

    I also think she lies and gives bad advice. What poor 8 year old girl has MAC computers, uses eye cream and owns Kevin Aucoin books? Michelle claimed all of this. I grew up poor and no way in h*ll would my parents buy me eye cream at that age. She’s just ridiculous.

    She even lies about her education. She said (and on her wiki) that she majored in dermatology at her high school… Her high school doesn’t even OFFER that. I think she’s dumb because you can’t become a dermatologist from simply going to high school. You have to go to college and then med school and then specialize in dermatology. Either she’s really dumb for thinking that you can become a dermatologist that way or she thinks we’re dumb enough to believe this lie.

    As a Vietnamese American, I feel like she is an embarrassment to the entire Vietnamese community. She perpetuates the stereotypes that we want to move away from. Like being a gold digger, obsessed with her weight and insecurities, materialistic, etc. Whether or not she wants to be, she put herself out in the public eye and is a ‘role model’ to the thousands of people who watch her videos, a lot of whom are impressionable young girls.

    To me, all of her videos, twitter, facebook is just a way for her to show off all of the things she can buy with the money she’s made off of youtube. Her house, cars, furniture, makeup, costumes, bags, clothes, jewelry, travel. She even brags that she never flies unless it’s first class… She makes me sick. I can understand shopping and wanting to buy everything. What girl doesn’t? But being a role model means have some humility and respect.

    In regards to the article:

    “Within the last year, Phan brought her talent backstage as a make-up artist for Chris Benz, New York Fashion Week 2009 and Michael Kors Spring 2010 Collection.”
    From what I heard, she was only allowed to work those events because Lancome/L’oreal was sponsoring them. If not for that she would never be hired for a show for lack of talent.

    “Phan’s reputable image in the art and beauty industry”
    No, she’s not. Every makeup artist I know thinks she is ridiculous and has no talent or skill. The same goes for her artwork. Not original or special.

    “Michelle Phan stands as a proud Vietnamese American descent”
    She hardly makes any videos or refers to herself as Vietnamese. If she ever does videos about Asian culture, it’s Chinese or Japanese. She can’t even pronounce her last name correctly.

    “In September of 2008, Phan took her career a step further by aiding a charity fashion show, “Fashion for Compassion” dedicated to raising awareness to a Tampa sexual assault case. Her philanthropic work leads an example of a giving and compassionate nature.”
    That so-called fashion show for the rape victim was filled with models wearing small t-shirts and panties. How that is in any way respectful to a person who was raped by having a sexually charged ‘fashion show’?

    I hope she disappears from the public eye. She truly disgusts me. All that she really contributes to society is teaching girls who to make themselves look awful, that body weight and materialistic possessions is the best way to judge a person and that taking a billion pictures of yourself on your bed with your boobs pushed up showing off your new clothes/accessories is how to attract people.

    1. Oh don’t forget the fashion show was planned way before the girl got rape. The Fashion show would still go on with or without the rape girl sob story. It was a way to promote Anh Oi’s, the t-shirts company that she has been promoting way before youtube.

      Also about the Chris Benz and Michael Kors show she wasn’t the only make-up artist working. All those youtuber that worked in those fashion show were actually more like assistance for the actually professional make-up artist. Too many models to work with for only one make-up artist to deal with. There was also a picture of Michelle being all disrespectful and bored while a professional make-up artist was doing a make-up demonstration at the Michael Kors show.


      You can see everyone was so eager to watch and learn while Michelle have that attitude like “Oh I don’t need to learn how to apply make.”

      We all know she can’t match foundation to make the face and neck even to save her life.

      1. In my opinion, her being there is a slap in the face to real makeup artists everywhere. The others in that picture have probably been working for years developing their skills, portfolios, contacts, references, etc. They’ve worked hard to make it in this field and nothing comes free. It’s extremely hard for makeup artists to make a name for themselves and to get to the point where they are doing work on celebrities, tv shows, movies, editorials and runway. Most makeup artists have to work for free in the beginning of their careers and still supply their own makeup for any gigs they do get. Classes and artistry schools are equally as expensive. She got all of it for free by emailing companies and a quick leap to the top because of youtube and Lancome.

        I’m not jealous that she has all that she does. I’m just annoyed that she isn’t the least bit humble or respectful. That she uses the power and influence she has to belittle others and to brag. And ontop of everything else, she has no talent. I’ve watched her videos, the makeup is not good. She can’t match foundation or blend or even pick lip colors that are suitable. Her eye makeup is usually uneven (and not in an artistic way). A lot of her DIY videos are just absolute trash. She doesn’t even seem to know how or where to apply blush.

    2. @H Tran,

      Thanks for speaking up all for me.We can’t be proud of a clever girl who never hesitate to do or say what ever to benefit and fulfill her greed.Yes,we are Vietnamese,and because of that we should stop anyone who does wrong things to protect our people from being judged as all Vietnamese are sneaky like her to gain popularity and earn living.

      I”ve been working very hard for education,struggle between school and work to support myself through school and put out many work hours to pay for tuition.Not to be so proud of myself,I’m fighting hard trying to finish school without asking any help from my parents.I watched Michelle Phan vids and hear her sob story about being on foodstamps,I know that many Vietnamese families need to depend on welfare to start their lives when they first come to the USA,that’s not anything to feel sobbed about.Her mother was known as a manicurist,her father worked for construction company…Both of her parents were working and got help from government for extra financial aid…..and she still claimed to be poor!So poor,her mother let her using La Mer and Lancome products and all of the expensive things she claimed she enjoyed since 8yrs old, while whining about this being poor story for many years….Her lies are getting to be the big jokes on many blogs and forums.

      What an embarrassing thing for the Vietnamese community to have a young girl who cleverly tricks the whole world to be recognized without any real talent and education.She’s setting a bad example for young girls to follow her footprints,just drop out from school and lie to be successful!As we can see,she can’t even spell or write a simple sentence for a girl who was born and raised in the USA.I wonder what she did through her school age?Oh,..maybe all she did was …snuck in her mother’s room to “discover” Kevyn Aucoin since she was 5 and forget all about school and homeworks…LOL.(she deserves to be voted as the world’s greatest LIAR,I will give her a golden trophy for this recognition!)

      I can’t rave and credit her for being a talent girl just because she’s a Vietnamese,while her name is calling out for all the wrong things she does all over the internet.We should hope she changes to be an honest and humble person.Go back to school and learn to be recognized by her real hard works and talent instead of promoting and selling herself out online to be rich and famous,That fame won’t last long,Michelle.

      1. I’ve been reading up about her since this article and you’re completely right. She does trick people. She seems to have multiple personalities. Phan is very open and suggestive to males, authoritative and conceited to females and a complete bitch to anyone who criticizes her in any way. I read about her cyber bullying people on her twitter and facebook. She is 23 or 24 years old now. She needs to grow up. She needs to go back to school or back to her parents and learn how to treat other people. Cyber bullying is NOT funny and she’s the worst sort; one who has power and influence to make other people follow her example.

        She is not a professional, creative, strong business woman. She is not trying to empower women. She’s not even a real gamer. The image that she portrays to the world is false. She’s just a bully with a credit card.

    3. HTrans: Great analysis. Can someone please tell me why she pronounces her last name Phan as “Fawn” rather than “Fan”?

      1. I think she thinks it’s french. Just because the French colonized Vietnam for a while doesn’t make it French at all. Phan is a vietnamese word. Even if it was french, she’s mispronouncing it as she mispronounces all of the french in her videos. I assume that she wants to sound cool and ‘chic’ by making it french. Not to say that there aren’t any french words in the vietnamese language. During the colonization of that region, we did adopt certain words that were not in our vocabulary like ca fe (coffee), gum (eraser), etc.

      2. Her pronunciation is ridiculous. It’s even causing non-Vietnamese people to pronounce Phan the same way. This personally feels so insulting to my heritage.

  38. I really liked her in the beginning. What happen to her? Really, she lies and brags nonstop. She’s somewhat of a wack job.

    1. Somewhere along the way, Michelle “Fawn” forgot how to be humble. Now, she thinks she’s the best thing that has ever happened to Youtube and Lancome. Personally, I stay away from Lancome now.

  39. Hey guys. I used to be a fan of Michelle Phan as well. It’s in my nature to think the best of people and to trust their judgment and opinions. So, when I first heard about Michelle’s awful lying habits, I was in complete disbelief. This was someone I highly respected, but without honesty, I can’t say that I can think of her the same way anymore. I’m not saying that I believe whole heartedly in everything that people have said on the internet. The only person who knows the truth is Michelle herself.

    I do have to mention one more thing though. If Michelle is lying as some say, then I’ve lost all respect for her. It’s not just some harmless lie that she can tell her friends. There are hundreds of people who look up to her, who religiously follow her makeup tutorials, skin treatments, and buy her products. She should be more considerate and responsible about what she say to people and how she portrays herself to the world.

    It’s not that people are “hating” on her success story, but, rather if her methods and actions were dishonest, then people have a right to dislike her for misleading and potentially hurting her fans. These so called “hater” comments that I’ve read are written to protect other people from any more of her “lies.”

  40. hi mechele phan, i m maaha from pakistan, i saw all of ur videos almost,and i like u so much, ur style is very good, plz don,t care the people who criticize u, plz do some videos about skin care, i like u so much,it is first time that i comment someone ,live happy my good wishes r with u by take care

  41. Michelle Phan lies that she is a hardcore gamer girl! WHY?

    So she can create a gaming channel. WHAT FOR?

    1/She will attract the gameboys to join her channel,subscribe to the “sexy makeup guru” who also can play games with them.

    2/Her fans will subscribe to her game channel so she gain subscribers and get paid more by Youtube.

    3/To make more MONEY!

    4/To get more ATTENTION,especially from men!

    5/That’s the best way to trap male viewers who doesn’t expect any makeup skill as long as she show her cleavage and nude parts of body.

    She pretends to be a gamer girl to start a new way to make money,she can’t even play those games but hiring the gamer to play for her to trick her fans.This woman can lie about everything to make money,you might say she is smart,but I say she is greedy,crooked, lying and cheating.

    Her young fans need to focus in school,not only worry about makeup,expensive clothes,spend their parents’ hard working money on buying games…,because the results of their future will be :Can’t even spell and write a simple sentence correctly, because they think drop out from school and be a gamers still make good money just like their idol Michelle Phan as long as theylear how to lie to make money.

    How can we be proud of a liar and a cheater like her?She’s a slap to the face for Vietnamese community. .

  42. I like her but seriously she have gotten so sloppy. I really hate the fact that she is showing off for the male viewers and forgetting the female viewers. There’s no passion or effort in any of her videos anymore. Popularity comes and goes but is that what she wants people to see when people look back at her work? It seriously bothers me that she’s flirting with any remotely famous YouTube guy. I wonder how her boyfriend feels about that. I continue to watch her because I think she got potential but have pretty much lost respect for her when she practically stripped on blogTV for Ryan Higa and failed miserably in historical facts in which she claims the stock market crashed during Victorian Era. And her gaming channel is a huge disappointment. I thought she was smart and cool but she’s proving me wrong. I miss the old her. I hope that she gets back to her old self again.

    1. It’s is her real person that you see now,the old Michelle was a pretender who was acting like an angel just to climb the ladder to get where she is now,then she’s looking down from that high spot and laugh so loud at how stupid ppl got fooled by that old fake Michelle Phan.Please don’t wish for that old Michelle to come back,her mask has been pulled off,and she is starting to have to climb down from that ladder to get back to the ground.I hope she holds her breath while climbing down cuz she might be dropped down from that high ladder.Ppl should unsubscribe from her and count down her time,she has about 5 minutes of fame left,hope she should enjoy it wisely.

      @Phuong Anh!

      I love your ideas and hope someone will make a Vietnamese blog in Vietnam to help the young ppl from our country to know the truth,it will also teach them not to learn from Michelle Phan,she is not a role model for Vietnamese minions to look up to.Can someone with good writing skill do that please!

      I feel bad when they run onto her channel and facebook leaving their comments to rave their “idol” while Michelle Phan ignores all of them,how sad and embarrasing for them because the truth is Michelle Phan doesn’t deserve their admiration.

  43. I can’t believe anyone takes this girl seriously. She’s an amateur make-up artist at best, and her work is redundant and sloppy. Believe me, this chick does nothing to promote the positive side of being Vietnamese with her shady business tactics and blatant habit of lying.

  44. She is a business woman, no more, no less, but unfortunately, not a very honest business woman.
    She has lied to viewers about making her own clothing, been disingenuous about being poor enough to live on food stamps during her childhood, and uses anything and everything she can to push her name and her personal envelope. During her videos, she uses more makeup than normally necessary just to mention brands she is being paid to mention, and talks about her own brand as often as possible.

    She tries to differentiate herself by various ways, one of them-claiming she is a really big nerd and video game girl, but in reality only shows pictures of herself with gaming consoles because she knows that “nerd” is in. Her only intention is to gain popularity through supposed stereotype-breaking. It’s an insult to actual girl nerds who know the ins and outs of the video games they play. It was revealed that during an online video game tournament, Michelle claimed to have been playing video games but in fact, her ex boyfriend played for her.
    She exaggerates her stories every chance she gets, to gain publicity and push her envelope. She used a pet rabbit to gain an “aww” factor and made a facebook page for the animal where she would spend time posting comments as the rabbit, which related to her. The rabbit’s health was declining, and Michelle asked her fans to pray for it. She claimed that the prayers saved the bunny, but in fact, the bunny died and she kept hush about this even though she already said the fans’ prayers saved it. On a different note, she went through a phase where she promoted donations to charity and even set up a youtube channel dedicated to charity, promising monthly updates on charities being donated to. The promise was never fulfilled and the channel never updated.

    Finally, her level of professionalism is eventually questioned.

    Michelle calls herself a makeup artist, but her portfolio only shows thumbnails of her videos–and all her videos show her makeup skills on her face only. A real makeup artist has photographs of his/her makeup work on *various* faces. She never even explained skin tones and color theory. She also tweets generously on her expensive shoes, bags, clothing, food she purchases, instead of her supposed WORK. Her videos have spelling errors, and some videos of hers have very questionable and ill advice, such as using the moist seaweed from edible sushi prepared with raw fish applied to skin for a treatment–absolutely unhygienic.

    Finally, she tries to come off as a very caring young woman and one who tries to help women reach dreams. But through her actions, with some background research and digging beneath the surface, it’s clear to anyone that she is only saying *exactly* what they want to hear and that she is only pushing her personal repertoire. It is a HUGE disappointment to people who believed in her and used to follow her. It’s all a trance under hypnotism. Everything pure and innocent she says is choreographed and rehearsed– her actions speak much louder.

  45. Michelle Phan… I used to like her when she was a humble and friendly girl.
    Now she’s boasting all the time! Nổ hoài không biết ngượng!
    I wonder if she can speak Vietnamese!

    1. I heard she spoke Vietnamese on her blog TV,said “cam on” like she couldn’t speak Vietnamese well,but her English does not sound like other young Vietnameses who were born and raised in USA at all.

      She just came back from Thailan and didn’t go to visit her motherland as she braged about that for months.Yesterday,she said she has some mixed Chinese blood,because she’s dating a Chinese man now,so she change her word from being 100% Viet to a Chinese-Vietnamese now.LOL.

      I am a 21 yrs old Vietnamese girl who left Vietnam for 5 years and live in USA now,I started to watch her vids 3 yrs ago and got so sick of looking at her face now.She is not beautiful for being a Vietnamese girl at all,I know most of you guys will agree with me about her look.She got cosmetic surgeries but it make her looking worse than before and she photoshops all her pictures.Vietnamese girls are known for being humble and not bragging,show off,lying…Michelle has all those bad habits and very nasty personality.

      My English is not perfect because I’m still learning English in community college,but Michelle Phan has unbelievable low English level for someone who is known for not speaking her mother’s language well.I wonder what she did in school from kindergarten through 12 grade.

      I don’t have good computer skill,I wish I could make a blog in Vietnamese about Michelle Phan so the young girls in Vietnam won’t waste their hard working money on her IQQU products and ruin their skins.I hope someone will do that to help them to know the truth.I don’t even know how to put the links and screencap pictures…so I can’t do that.I saw many young Vietnamese from our country who got very little English went on her facebook raving her and asked her to help them order her products because they don’t have credit card,some wrote to her in Vietnamese and she doesn’t give a crap about them,I feel very sorry for them that they’re idolizing a liar,greedy,lying,self absorb,bragging and non-talented person like Michelle Phan.Vietnamese girls in our country need to know the truth about her so they won’t be cheated with her bad products and learn bad makeup tips that look like a cheap prostitute like her.

      Please make a Vietnamese blog for our country to read the truth about Michelle Phan if you can,I know that blog will be very popular in Vietnam if it is written properly with all the pictures and evidences attached.Thank you.

    2. Hahaha…bragging doesn’t cost her any money but gain her fame,so…why doesn’t she?She bragged that she would go to Vietnam to donate and someone wrote on Vietnam Talking Point to rave her so much for how sweet and charitable she is.But then didn’t go to Vietnam as she promised and acted like she had never said anything.

      She is not so compassionate as she always talks to make ppl believe she is.If she announced and encouraged ppl to donate to malaria then only gave 30 bucks but tweeted and posted on FB for the whole world to know,then she went to Thailand and gave some Thailand thongs (plastic sandals) to a few school kids in a poor village but post pictures of those kids to brag as she gave them gold,her actions should show clearly to the whole world what kind of person she is!

      She doesn’t deserve to be honor as a talented Vietnamese,we have so many real talents who are still stay behind her because these ppl don’t use tricks to gain fame and earn money like Michelle Phan.Xteeener for an example,if you watch her videos,she wore AO DAI in a few of her tutorials,she is so natural and DE THUONG.her makeup skills and styles if WAY better than Michelle,the way she talks is very classy to.You guys should search on YOUTUBE for Exteeener if you haven’t known her,I bet you will agree with me.

      FYI,Michelle Phan bought subscribers on Ebay (they are sold very very cheap online) to surpass over 1 million from 700,000+ subscribers in only 3 months,Youtube should investigate her account to find the evidences and take actions to be fair to other real talent gurus.I really dislike Michelle Phan for hew lying and snicky she is,all she cares for is money.If you don’t believe me,you can search online to see there are so many websites wrote about her and her lying habit/

  46. Okay wait, so she says “her family was living on food stamps”?
    So uhmm, then how the fuck was her mom able to purchase so many products from lancome if she had “no money”?
    When she got the job as rep for lancome, in her vid she clearly says that she was a fan of lancome since she was little, because her mom OWNED a lot of their products…so wth? I dont even freaking know if she is really speaking the truth at all

  47. Here’s her claim of being on food stamp right from the horse’s mouth: http://twitter.com/RiceBunny/statuses/4514623200

    Was on food stamp but could still afford Apple computers, anti aging cream, and nice rides.

    I don’t understand why she have to constantly make up stories to gain people’s sympathy. It’s quite pathetic. Not only that but it’s actually insulting for people who are truly struggling and are ACTUALLY poor.

  48. She bought subscribers from eBay to be the most subscribed makeup guru.When I first heard about that,I didn’t believe it but I do now after I went on eBay and read about how Youtubers buy subscribers and views from them.Many youtubers can’t afford to buy even they are cheap but I can tell Michelle Phan is the type of crooked person who would do everything for fame and money.

    She hasn’t done Lancome video for Christmas,maybe they got rid of her.

    About being poor and on foodstamps,her father was a gambler so he might game off the money then applied for welfare,but her mother kicked him out then married an Italian man right after that and that’s why Michelle has a mixed sister named Christina,she is 15 + 10 months of pregnancy so it match the time her father left when she was 7 (according to her words).Michelle is 23 now.

    All the truths have been revealed but many of her young fans still don’t see what a liar Michelle is,I feel very bad that they’re fooled so bad by her.Michelle is a very tricky woman,I can’t trust anything coming from her mouth.

    Vietnam has so many real talented girls,xteener is Vietnamese,too.She is naturally pretty,nice, humble and skillful because she is a licensed professional makeup artist.Michelle can’t reach how classy xteeener is.

    1. u’re so rude even u’re telling the truth. u can talk every things without her private life. u thinks the divorce of a family is your joys and saying easily. 
      Because your beahaviour, i think you’re cheap 

  49. I used to be a fan of hers, after reading michellephail I unsubscribed from her immediately. To have her lie to thousands of fans like that was unforgivable.

    She said she was poor ? Total BS. Straight from her mouth, she bragged about using La Mer products and owning Apple computers since young.

    Her fashion/style/makeup ideas = UNORIGINAL and MEDIOCRE.

    Heres proof of her “creativity”

  50. i dont see any reasons to criticize her while many people around the world still praising her everyday for her effort to make vid tuts .

    i am not the kind of liking her vid stuff because i am male nor am i her fans
    just admire her for making herself well-known as a internet phenonmennon that to stand at the view point of vietnamese i state that’s a successful effort !
    just count how many vietnamese people can do that huh ? some people even express the shameless to be a vietnamese living in foreigner ! dont you guy just realize that oh just keep your head dirty and dumping with lot of shit thoughts

    i can see why stupid vietnamese people always fight back their siblings and always try to seek for their siblings’ faults .
    maybe we all got the damn nature of it just like crabs dropped onto a vase then no one cant manage to crawl over the edge just because they inhibit each other for one’s successful escape .

    sorry for my attitude , but cant stand such total scrap comments above ,
    by the way i am not totally biased to her since we got the same surname ,just my bottom heart’ thoughts to warn you , overseas -vietnamese guys ! watch your behaves , do behave !

    i concluded with a saying in vietnamese :
    “bầu ơi thương lấy bí cùng, tuy rằng khác giống nhưng chung một giàn”

    1. You said “bau oi thuong lay bi cung, tuy rang khac giong nhubg chung mot gian, but do you also know this “mot con sau lam rau noi canh”?

      I was her fan, a suppotive fan. I used to take :bau oi thoung lay bi cung”, but she sold her crap product to my little sister and she got her skin all messed up. We tried to contact her for advice becaide she is the owner of her company, the foundrer of her product. But she ignored our email and my mom had to take my sister to see dermatologist that cost so much money and her skin took 4 month to heal. Why don’t you think of how Michelle makes money on the young Vietnamese girls by selling the products she false claimed to be FDA approve and ppl found out she lied about that?

      I have my bright future to look forward to, Vietnamese ppl are know for working hard to earn honest money. “Dong tien la mo hoi nuoc mat”. not the kind of easy cheating money like Michelle Phan,

      Most of young Vietnamese were her fans, but she doesn’t act and behave like one. You criticize us in a very immature and impolite just to defend Michelle. To me, you are just the kind of guy who die for the look of women, but I give you a bad new, she is so ugly, I saw her in person two month ago in New York city and totally freak out for how she caked her face up looking like a cheap bar girl. I just think about how she has been selling those horrible products and keeps on lying that her products are approved by USFDA, I really want to see her go to jail for that.

      What you wrote sound very unfair, you praise a woman who doesn’t deserve to be praised. I don’t really care if she’s famous and makes good money on youtube, but if she’s already famous and rich, why does she still needs to cheat the young girls to make so much more money by selling them those MADE IN THAILAND illegal skincare products that harm their skin?

      Don’t you think what you said is JUST FOR MICHELLE PHAN, what about other so many other Youtube Vietnamese girls who are real talented and honest, they are licensed professional makeup artists who are 100x better skills and more beautiful than Michelle? The big different is they are so honest and self-respect. Check on Xteeener to see what I meant!

      Please stop defending a “vo liem si” girl like Michelle Phan!!!

  51. It’s amazing how a lot of people can go from followers to envious! Skin care products doesn’t always work on everyone especially because we have different types of skin, different skin-care regimens etc. And did you really expect a company OWNER to respond to your emails? Don’t you think your email can be sent to her SPAM especially because she doesn’t know you and tons of people know her and might send her unwanted emails. Wow! I can’t believe how you guys can be green-eyed monsters!

  52. Michelle Phan is a bad example of GREED, LIE, FAKE, CHEAT, BRAG, REVENGE, STEALING … !!!

    I’m sorry to say, but I after I read Michelle Phail tumblr, I know she is an under average Vietnamese girl in all categories of her life at this time. I can’t give her credits for googling for information on the internet and lie that they’re all her original ideas and creations. Not too many Vietnamese girls dare go online to cheat ppl like Michelle Phan. She lies so much, please read Michelle Phail tumblr and see why ppl should not take her words and actions as from a talent and honest Vietnamese girl.

    Nathalie Tran and xteeener are who deserve the recognition. 

    Michelle Phan cheats and lies to get where she is, how can she hide the truths about her real character  when she can’t even speak and write in English properly for someone who being known she was born and grew up in America ? 

    Sorry for my English skill, I’m a Vietnamese girl who can’t see anything good about Michelle Phan for us to admire her about. 

  53. yuck, i honestly am not impressed w/ any of michelle’s videos. it just seems like she is influencing other young viewers to cake on loads of makeup on their faces and to mindlessly consume more beauty products. this does nothing to teach girls to feel confident, to be stronger, and to know how to respect themselves for who they naturally are. layering on layers of product on one’s face does nothing to build character. i don’t get why loading makeup on one’s face can garner that kind of attention. i’m shocked that she has made a career out of this.     

  54. i dont get why ppl are talking bad about her, she didnt do anything bad like stealing or murder, who cares if she lied its her problem not everyone else’s , ppl please stop making a big deal out of this, this always happens, a famous person says something and then everyone is against them
    on youtube, you can describe as the person you want to be, there’s no rules against that
    all you haters plz take a second look at this

  55. Everyone commenting sound like a bunch of haters. Michelle Phan is a smart girl
    Stop hating, and should be inspired by those who make a name for themselves.

  56. I like Michelle Phan ‘s videos and I think she is really great. I am shocked to see so many bad comments about her.I think the Vietnamese gals are just jealous about her because she made it in America and they dont. I honestly think that she is good and I also learn a lot of different types of makeup from her. Thank you for making all the wonderful videos. Keep it up !

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