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Of all the influential Vietnamese people we have featured on VTP, Natalie Tran might be the most influential.  How influential is Natalie Tran?  Her top two videos on YouTube pull in 18 million views each.  That’s more than the population of Chile!  Natalie has more than half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has amassed more than 180 million views from her 200 videos.  She is the 4th most subscribed to director on YouTube.

Natalie Tran is a 23-year-old second generation Vietnamese Australian.  She studies digital media at the University of South Wales.  The topic of her videos range from the “neglected keystrokes on your computer keyboards” to the “rape whistle.”   She ends every video with the segment “porno music slash comments time” to pay homage to her devoted fans.  Her quirky sense of humor, astute observations of life’s awkward moments, and well played sarcasm make her two-minute videos entirely addicting.  Even in doing research for this article I find myself deeply sidetracked.

Natalie’s international star power makes her one of the most influential Vietnamese people in the word, especially with the young generation.  Hopefully Natalie will lend her star power to some of the nonprofits out here! *Wink

Before you run off to Natalie’s YouTube channel, we’ve found a video of her busting out her Vietnamese. Enjoy! (Facebook users go here)

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  1. Yeah and James Bao felt that it’s necessary to specifically select picture where her cleavage are most obvious. Thank you James Bao. Now all I can focus on is breasts.

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