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If you had to guess a Vietnamese person’s last name, you’ll be right almost half of the time if you say “Nguyen.”  Yes, the stereotype is true, the majority of Vietnamese people have Nguyen (46%) or Tran (13%) as their last name.  About 85% of Vietnamese people have one of the ten last names in the chart above; that’s about 75 million of us.

A few other things worth noting: Huynh and Hoang and Vu and Vo are essentially the same last names.  It is similar to how Chan and Chen are spelt differently depending on where the person is from in China.  Try saying Huynh and Hoang out loud; you can see how they might have evolved from the same name.

Without further adieu, here is the complete list of Vietnamese last names I was able to find.  This is part of an important cultural history project, so please let me know if there are mistakes to fix or additions to make.

All Vietnamese Last Names


Edit: For those who are asking (looking at you, Redditors), here’s how to pronounce these last names:


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  1. actually Đường is also a Vietnamese last name, though I have only met 3 Vietnamese people with that surname.

  2. I’m not sure if “Kim”, “Hàn” and “Quynh” are Vietnamese last names.  I think you forgot a few uncommon ones like “Lu”, “Bạch”, “Từ” , “Thái”.  That’s all I can think of now.

  3. “Quynh”: is a last name that is new to me.
    There are some other last names that are not in your lists (and from other comments):  Quách, Lều (trong VN Idol gần đây có cô Lều Phương Anh), Diệp, Ưng, Ông, Tạ, 

  4. Good information. But again, the info here is base on????? OVN Shouldnt post something without providing the source

  5. Where do you  get the data from? Using Facebook API and retrieve all the result of the name and generate this statistics? So how many results did you get would be interesting to know how many users in Facebook have VN names 😉

  6. How about ” Cong Tan Ton Nu …” ? That is a common last name for people from Hue who was closed to the “Nguyen” dynasty
    Song Hang

      1. yes I my question would be considered in those last names too …like Bao isn’t that last name from the last King Bao Dai ??? or what ? i also noticed your last name is Bao too 😀

  7. Hi anh Bao, how can you calculate? pls tell me where is the data………… Your article look interesting. 

  8. I know a Vietnamese with the last name Bang. like how one would say table in vietnamese lol
    anyway, I’m pretty sure there are more last name then that ^_^ah…wonder why there are so many nguyen???

  9. Dude, are you making these numbers up?  Please tell the people how you arrived at the numbers.  We understand that you don’t have access to Vietnamese census data, that’s okay.  I hope you just didn’t change the labels on some pie chart and call it a day.

    1. Hello Nguyen,

      The source for last names is here:  Lê Trung Hoa, Vietnamese Family and Personal Names, Social Sciences Publishing House (2005).  Also, for the percentages, here’s a list of all US last names and their relative distribution: .  Use the current US population or ratios to arrive at the proper percentages.  Have fun!

      I appreciate skepticism as a mechanism to verify facts but also encourage a bit of good faith in that people in our community don’t just make things up.

  10. I think you mean “Kinh” rather than Vietnamese. If you want to include all surnames found in Vietnam you’d need names from many other ethnicities. Hmong is one example which has a further 18 principal clan names or surnames.

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  12. Hi, James!

    First of all I would like to thank you for the interesting article about vietnamese last names. I have a question to you about the last name Thang or Tang. My husband is trying to find his biological mother in Vietnam (he was adopted to Sweden in 1975, Operation Babylift) and Tang is her last name (Thi Le is her first name). The birth name of my husband is Hoang Quan Tang.

    You seem to know a lot about Vietname names, can you please help us to understand more about the name Tang?

    Thank u! 🙂

    Lisa Lehikoinen, Sweden

      1.  Hi,

        On my husband´s birth certificate it says Tăng Thị Lệ. Written with Vietnamese characters, my husband´s name is Tăng Hoàng Quân. I´ve learned that Tăng is a Chinese last name, but which ethnic group it belongs to I don´t know. Do you know if their first names are Chinese too?

    1. My last name’s Tang too. I was born in the USA so I don’t know much about last names in vietnamese. But I know that “Tang” is a Chinese last name. Although I’m vietnamese, my father’s father was from China so he has a chinese last name. Hope this helps!
      Andreana Tang, USA >.<

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  14. My last name is Nguyen. From my dad side it is Nguyen and from my mom side her last name is Vu but my grandmas last name is Pham. I’m only 12 years old but I was interested about the Nguyen’s family. So does it mean I’m in it too?

  15. James, great article. If I were your teacher or professor, I would give you an A for this if I were not vietnamese and not a Nguyen.

    Here’s my two cents about having so many Nguyen: Since common knowledge has led many to believe that many people change their last name to Nguyen to avoid prosecution or to uphold the ruler’s decree, I do not believe this, because as a ruler, it would be an insult if commoners or my subjects changed their surnames to mine, whatever that may be. I wouldn’t be able to distinguished them from my family. I would behead these people. My answer to why we have so many Nguyen is because the Nguyen lords or just any lords usually have many wives-leading to many children. More children having more children. Multiple pyramids. I believe this is the same in all races, that for the most part, people with the same last name are related. I’m an example, because I have many cousins who are 20 to 30 years older than I am who has kids that are my age, a little older, or a little younger living in the same city and elsewhere which I have grown up to not associate with ( because we are all too busy trying to win the rat race or whatever). I barely know or to recognize many as related until our reunion again. Although contradicting, I do know and do remember who they are at the reunions, but on the streets, just passing by, on the bus I wouldn’t know them. We all changed and forget, but not our name. Robert Nguyen

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