Loan $25 to the Poor in Vietnam for Free Thanks to LinkedIn’s CEO

The founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, has put up $1,000,000 of his money  to loan out on Kiva (in $25 increments), to introduce people to the idea of micro-lending.  What this means is you can made a loan to people in Vietnam to start their own business, for free.  OneVietnam’s members have loaned $18,000 to Vietnamese farmers and small business owners so far!  Let’s add to that number.

Go to, search for loan recipients in Vietnam, and select someone to loan $25 to.  It will cost you absolutely nothing, just about 10 minutes of your time.  Once you’re done, join the OVN team on Kiva (totally optional, but fun).

Here’s the catch, you have to do it before the money runs out (every community is vying for that $1 million).  Do it, then tell your friends and family.  It’ll be your good deed of the week!

You can find out about how Kiva works, what happens to the money, and the entire concept of micro lending on Kiva’s website.

Start Here: Kiva Free
List of Vietnam Loans on Kiva
OneVietnam’s Team on Kiva


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