I didn’t mean to make multiple posts highlighting half-Vietnamese belles, and I didn’t mean to momentarily turn VTP into a blog in which I gush over fashionable ladies I’ll never be like.  It just kind of happened that way.

Further internet prowling has led me to Magali An B.  Like Melanie Huynh, Magali An B is a half-Vietnamese, half-French Parisian.  Last year, she was one of 20 winners in United Colors of Benetton’s first ever It’s My Time modeling competition.  As a winner, Magali was featured in United Colors of Benetton’s campaigns and editorial spreads.  She’s pictured below.

Image from Magali’s United Colors of Benetton profile

Pretty quirky, don’t you think?

In addition to her modeling stint for Benetton, Magali also works as a textile designer and stylist.  She seems sweet, down-to-earth, and contemplative.  Maybe it’s just me, but in some photos, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII.

Magali’s It’s My Time profile with a blurb she wrote herself, and more images and videos here.

Ici et ailleurs, her blog.

And a note to aspiring models: United Colors of Benetton’s It’s My Time modeling competition is an ongoing operation.  You can join the competition here.

On to posts of more consequence after this!

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  1. Hello Anh Ton
    I just discovered this post and I’m so happy about it! I’m very proud to be featured in Vietnam Talking points, as I am very proud of my vietnamese roots.
    You are very welcome on my blog. Feel free to contact me if you want to share ideas, thoughts or even collaborations.

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