Mr. Cao goes to Washington: Story of the First Vietnamese Congressman

Mr. Cao Goes to Congress
Mr. Cao Goes to Congress

Every community has a first: Kennedy is the first Catholic President, Ed Lee is the first Chinese Mayor in San Francisco, and Joseph Cao is the first Vietnamese congressman.  These firsts signify social shifts of minorities into mainstream society.

If there was ever a minority, Joseph Cao is it.  Mr. Cao is a Catholic Vietnamese American that ran for Congress in New Orleans on a Republican ticket.  How did he balance the demands and expectations of the Republic Party, the Vietnamese community, and his personal faith and convictions?  These are hard questions, and now there’s a movie to answer them.

Leo Chiang, the director that brought us A Village Called Versailles, is releasing Mr. Cao Goes to Washington, documenting Cao’s election and failed re-election.  The movie is premiering on March 10th at the Asian American Film Festival in San Francisco.  You’ll find the trailer below.  From the looks of it, this is not a fluff piece – the movie shed some harsh light on the reality the first time congressman faced.  It’ll be very interesting to see in full.


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