Ripped Nat shows off her guns.

You know how much we love communitychannel here at VTP, so we were absolutely thrilled when Queen Natalie announced she’d be embarking on a global trek with the help of Lonely Planet, a popular travel book and digital media publisher.

Check out the introduction to and details of her trip below.

At the time of this posting, Nat’s already been to the Maldives and Singapore.  Read her blogs and watch her Lonely Planet videos here.  You can also “like” the Lonely Planet page on Facebook for more timely updates.

Shall we cross our fingers and hope Natalie makes a stop in Vietnam too?

Bonus Video: Here’s a slightly formal but still funny as heck Natalie giving a talk at ideaCity10.  About 8:20 into the video, we get a peak at how being Vietnamese has shaped her wicked sense of humor.

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