Yesterday night, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal  broke the news that Apple has acquired Lala Media, an online music service based in Palo Alto, California.  Lala allows users to legally stream music, much like popular music services, Pandora and  What sets Lala apart is that it allows users to upload their music and share their playlist with other users.  Lala currently provide the content for Google’s music search.


Lala’s vision is to move your music to the cloud where is it accessible any where you go.  According to Lala, users can access 7+ million track on Lala.  The popularity of services like Lala asks the question: Why should people have to download music?  Apple, a music giant due to iTunes, is catching on to this vision.

The man that stands behind this vision at Lala Media is co-founder and chairman, Bill Nguyen.  Bill is described as a serial entrepreneur.  He is also described as charismatic, energetic, and one of the reasons Apple decided to acquire Lala, the New York Times postulated.

Although the tech savvy Vietnamese American population is no strangers to Silicon Valley (like our very own Paul Pham and Hai Le), Bill Nguyen may be one of the brightest stars in our community.  Not only is Bill a great engineer, he is also a charismatic and visionary entrepreneur.  As Bill moves forward with his relationship with Apple, I certainly am excited to see what Bill will come up with next!

Source Article: Apple Strikes Deal to Buy the Music Start-Up Lala

Video: Bill Nguyen Speaks with TechCrunch

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