Nguyen Cao Ky, a former leader of South Vietnam, has passed away in Malaysia where he was receiving treatment for respiratory complications, according to his family members.

Nguyen Cao Ky served as both a general in the air force and as South Vietnam’s vice president under Nguyen Van Thieu. He was a controversial figure during and after his leadership; while in service he was known for his flamboyant dress and what many perceived as a lack of deference. Years after fleeing from Vietnam by helicopter, he once again stirred resentment in the Vietnamese Diaspora community when he made a trip back to Vietnam and dropped his formerly staunchly anti-Communist rhetoric.

Nguyen Cao Ky is survived by six children, including Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, a popular Paris by Night emcee, and fourteen grandchildren.

How do you remember him?

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  1. Totally lack of leadership from onevietnam, given the fact that Caoky has dropped
    His anti-communist rhetoric.

  2. The program would not accept the comment in one big block; hence the multiple time posted

  3. It’d be shamefull to remember a person who had lack of governmental leadership. A person who stabbed his comrades onn the front and the back, who also turned around and kowtowed to the commies for the benefit of his well-being. He should be glad that he’d died in Kuala Lumpur; otherwise, oversea where there’s lot of South Vietnamese community, his remain would not be found or in Vietnam, he would be treated the same way like General Vo by his brothers, the commies!!

    1. VP Ky is the only leader who has managed to put his past behind and focused on the well being of the Vietnamese people as a whole.  You and your buddies should learn from his leadership style and his way of thinking.  Learn the history and dude. 

      Steve Simons

  4. I remember being a corpsman with a marine platoon in Vietnam 1970. I saw a photo in a newspaper ( probably the stars and stripes ) showing Ky’s wife at some Washington D.C. gala wearing a mink stole. When I looked at that, I hated myself for being there ( in Vietnam) the hypocrisy of these faux leaders and the whole stinking crappy war.

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