iPhone 4S in Vietnam

According to Macworld, iPhone 4S’s sold by Sprint will come GSM-unlocked.  Verizon’s version can be unlocked after 60 days. What that means is on your next trip to Vietnam, there will be no need to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone, a process that can be complicated and could void your warranty.  This feature is huge for the thousands of Vietnamese Americans making the pilgrimage home to Vietnam every year.  In fact, it’s huge for any of the 60 million Americans who are 1st and 2nd generation immigrants.

As for AT&T iPhone 4S owner, you’re out of luck. AT&T runs on a GSM network here in the US so they are well intent on locking the SIM to keep themselves the exclusive GSM carrier.

The iPhone 4S, though debuting as a disappointment to diehard fans due to lack of significant feature updates, is becoming the fastest selling iPhone to date. Apple has already reported 1 million units sold since the phone was announced last week.

Hey, psh! Stuck with the iPhone 3GS or 4 for another year? Don’t live in envy, follow our guide on how to unlock your iPhone/iPad for international travel here.

Update: Looks like Sprint is playing take backs, saying the phone will be locked after all.  However, Verizon phones can still be unlocked after 60 days.

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  1. Can anyone give me information on using my ipad 2 3G with a sim from local service provider when I travel to Hanoi next week?  Thanks, Alan

  2. Am I missing something here?

    Why would Sprint and Verizon sell GSM phones when their technology is CDMA? To be perfectly clear to people reading this: You cannot use Verizon or Sprint phones on AT&T or other GSM based networks.  Viet Nam Carriers are GSM based.

    1. idiot, Apple iphone 4s on Sprint or Verizon is GSM compatible, so you can use a sim when traveling. Plus if you buy iphone 5, you want to buy the Verizon version because the model A1429 is the one that Apple sells in ASIA.

  3. I already unlocked my sprint iPhone 5 by calling sprint and plus in iTunes, but I not sure how does it work in Vietnam, is there anyone out there know the answer?

  4. have anyone help me ? i just got iphone 4s sprint to gift to vietname. can it work at vietnam ? does it need to unlock ? how can i do ?

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