Questionable Vietnamese Masculinity in Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam

Luke Nguyen represents an image of masculinity that refuses to fit within the mold of standard archetypes of Western manhood. He constantly performs a mediated form of masculinity, fluctuating between exaggerated extremes with a kind of self-aware humor that both reveals and mocks the hidden precepts of what it means to be “a man.”

The Case for Investing in Girls

A United Nations report estimated that Asia was short 163 million females when compared with overall population balances elsewhere in the world. The sex imbalance is causing an increase in human trafficking, where many of the victims are women and children of average age between 15 and 17 years old. Fortunately, programs are springing up to empower girls and women, better preparing them to defend against social biases.

Philanthropy Feature: Viet Hope

About a month ago, I volunteered at Boston’s biggest annual Vietnamese event: the Tet Festival!  For those who are unfamiliar with Tet, VTP has featured a wide array of articles including what to do (and what not to do) on Tet. Tet in Boston brought together the community for cultural entertainment and performances from local […]

Vietnamese Students Abroad: Where to Start?

As I was contemplating on whether I should go abroad to get an advanced college degree, I was asking myself a question: What if a Vietnamese national wanted to study abroad? Where would they start? I started ‘googling’ with the keyword ‘du hoc my’ for an answer and I found tons of services, but I did […]

Vietnamese University Introduces New Majors Due to High Demand

Vietnam is an emerging market with much potential for growth and to become a strategic trading partner with other nations regarding many different products. Many industries are on the rise in Vietnam. They, however, face the problem of an abundant but inadequately-trained labor force. This stagnancy in the development of the labor force can potentially […]

Uneven Progress of Education in Vietnam

Although enrollment is at 98% and completion at 102% in primary education, enrollment drops to 80% in intermediate education and to a staggering 47% in secondary education. Only 5.2% of those enrolled in secondary education eventually continue to vocational and technical education.

Gap Minder – Comparing Vietnam with the World

01.06.10. Have you ever wondered how Vietnam has been doing compared to other nations within the past few years? Many of you probably have, but not many know where to look. That is because you did not hear about Gap Minder. According to, Gap Minder Foundation “developed the Trendalyzer software that converts international statistics […]