VNMAP Medical Mission 2011: Recruitment and Reflections

Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program is once again recruiting for its summer health missions. Check out what the program is about, how it has impacted the Vietnamese community, and how it has influenced aspiring medical professionals. UPDATE: The application deadline has been pushed back to January 15, 2011.

China Hurts Its Own Citizens with Under-Valued Currency

If you are following the news recently, you will realized that many people and industries are frustrated about the under-valued Chinese currency. These folks are blaming that such action by China is increasing the US current trade-deficit with China and it is weakening the American economy. Some others are citing China as the main reason […]

Smoking & Khôi: A Parallel Story

Article written jointly by Phuong Vu and Brian Luong.  Phuong Vu is a staff pharmacist at Walgreens Pharmacy in Sacramento, California. He plans on becoming involved in a medical mission to Vietnam in the near future. “Mind if I smoke?” asks Khôi to his girlfriend, who sits on the other side of the table in […]

Housing Prices in Vietnam: A “Bubble”?

If you have lived in Vietnam recently, you must have noticed the feverish growing of the asset prices in Vietnam. The housing price has been rising ever since I was in Vietnam in 2001. I have no data for Vietnam, but here is the US house prices as an eye candy: Since the 2008 recession […]