Typhoon season is upon us.  By now, you’ve hopefully heard of tropical storm Haima, which made landfall in northern Vietnam.  If not, please take a moment to find out more in the video below.  This video is a little dated; latest reports estimate that at least 16 have been killed and many more injured.

Tropical Storm Haima Kills Six in Vietnam by NewsLook

The disputes over contended maritime territories between China and Vietnam seem to have diffused for the time being, as both sides agree to move in the way of diplomacy rather than in the way of force.  That said, force was never in the interest of either country anyway.  What do you think returns to the talking table could mean?  Is either country likely to hold concessions?  How will the public respond?  The video below is from a Chinese news agency.

If you need to get caught up to speed on the disputes, the video below by the Asia Society is a starting point. It’s a little bland, but it’s informative and a tool for you to assess for yourself the situation. It offers a little more about the US’s role as well.

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