Thanksgiving Special | Cast Member: Neil H. Nguyen

11.20.09 – What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I’m very thankful for the fact that I’m living in America. This country had provided me with the chance of world class higher education at no cost to my family (even though at the cost of the rest of the citizens, i feel bad). Being in America, I had the chance to be on medical missions and go to parts of the Vietnam that I would have not been to other wise. Also, I’m thankful for seeing the poor side of Vietnam, because it gives me a purpose of living, more than just earning money and living large. Finding a beneficial goal in life, to me, is a fortunate thing, because I can feel useful (I dont mind being used, haha)
I’m also thankful for the modern world, due to specialization of labor, I dont have to go hunting anymore and can just work on OneVietnam instead. I appreciate my parents for putting me through school and not work, which allows me time to think about stupid things rather than not thinking at all.
Finally, I’m glad that I know God. There are times I dont know why I believe, but it all made sense to me once and I believe that God gives me ways in life that makes it interesting for me!!
Neil Nguyen
A Thanksgiving Special: OneVietnam Network Cast Line-up

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