Vietnamese Woman, Priscilla Dang, Beats Down Perverted Teens

Dang, 23

We all know Vietnamese women are tough.  This week in Vancouver, Washington, two teenage boys learned that the hard way.

Priscilla Dang, 23, was going for a jog when two teenage boys rode up on a bike next to her.  One boy rode ahead and the other snuck behind Dang and groped her bottom.  Dang responded by pushing one of the teenagers to the ground and making him apologize.  The other teen did not let up and instigated Dang with derogatory terms.  She wasn’t as gentle with him: Dang proceeded to punching him in the face.  When he pulled out a knife, Dang used a bicycle to stand him off as bystanders called 911.  The teens ran away but were later caught and charged with assault.

It all sounds like a bad plot out of a 80’s kung fu movie.  But yes folks, it’s real life.  As a cherry on top, it as been revealed that Dang has been training on martial arts since she was a toddler and her family owns Summit Wushu Academy.  The media is having a field day with this story.  To all you would-be gropers and muggers out there: the rumors are true, we all know martial arts, so don’t even try it. Really.

SourcePriscilla Dang, Martial Arts Expert, Lays Down The Law After Teenager Gropes Her On A Jog (Huffington Post)

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  1. we all know vietnamese women are tough? really? All? Vietnamese women… tough? are you shitting me?

  2. I have a feeling her Martial Arts studio is going to do real well in the next couple of months.

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