An awesome new volunteering opportunity came our way recently, so I wanted to share it with everyone.  For those of you who are fabulous with Vietnamese, here is your chance to show it off and do something good at the same time.

The NLSC is readying a pool of bilingual volunteers who can speak, listen and understand English and Vietnamese. In times of national emergencies, these volunteers will be called upon to use their interpreting and translating skills to help their fellow community members in the United States and potentially around the world. Selected volunteers will join as Charter Members of NLSC and will be provided language certification and some training prior to assisting federal, state and local agencies. Membership in the NLSC is not intrusive on the volunteers’ current employment, nor is there a fee to join; but the volunteers will be compensated for the service they provide when on assignment.

Download this handy pdf for more information.  If you have any questions, contact NLSC at 1-888-SAY-NLSC (1-888-729-6572). You can also get more information on joining NLSC by visiting the website and downloading this.

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